Apartments to Rent

Barcelona has accommodation of every standard and at all price levels. Whether you are looking for a basic hostel to a 5* hotel you will find what you are looking for in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia. In Barcelona there are dozens of hostels and almost next-door 5* hotels that are on a par with the very best that Spain has to offer. All the main hotel search engines offer a huge range of places to stay ranging from the most basic hostel to these elegant hotels that are so much part of Barcelona life. TripAdvisor alone lists over 700 choices!

Another possibility for those staying for more than a few nights is to rent an apartment. Certainly if you are staying for more than a few nights or if you are not travelling solo you should consider the “home from home” charms that a rented apartment offers. ThisIsSpain recommends Globexs from personal experience and before booking any accommodation in Barcelona I would suggest you visit their web-site

Wherever you choose to stay, I hope it is to your satisfaction. ThisIsSpain is always happy to receive your reviews and will publish them on request. Please use the contact page of this site.