Binnisalem at dawn

A time warp back to the fifties, that’s Binissalem. There are still people here who don’t lock their doors at night. In a walk around the town you also may see a half dozen cars parked with their lock buttons up, so trusting are the local inhabitants. Small children are to be seen late at night in the church square unaccompanied, as their parents know that any adult in the vicinity will function “in loco parentis” should the occasion require, be it with a helping hand or a disciplinary admonition. Binissalem is to a surprising degree untouched, unspoiled, innocent and unexploited, and long may things stay this way. We are trying to import some sophistication (and some money) into the town, but hope it won’t be overtaken by all the elements that can so often conspire to spoil delightful small places when they become discovered by tourists. But as we are the only hotel within ten miles, and as we have room for only 32 people at a time, we hope we’ll not contribute to any potential despoliation of the town.

Besides, we tend to attract the kind of people who want to see places like Binissalem preserved as intact as possible.

There is a gentle domestic history to the town, with some literary connections, thousand year old Moorish influences, and fame, since the 18th century, for its stonework, its carpentry, its architecture (Binissalem has more small palaces than any other town here save Palma) and most of all its wine, which is the only “denominación” wine made on Mallorca.

We hope you’ll visit our little jewel of a town, just 20 minutes from Palma, ten from the mountains, and a half hour from good beaches on either side of the island. And we’d welcome the chance to make your stay a special one.

Courtesy of Scotts Hotel