What is Couchsurfing?

We are a global network of travelers, adventure seekers and lifelong learners. We value trust among strangers and are dedicated to sharing our cultures, hospitality and authentic experiences —whether we’re on the road or in our hometowns. There are millions of us in more than 97,000 cities, and we’re making the world friendlier and smaller, one life-changing Couchsurfing experience at a time.

How do I use Couchsurfing?

First, register and create a profile. Add a few photos and descriptive information about your interests, hobbies, and personality. This will help people see that you’re an awesome person to host, surf with or join in fun activities.

Once you’ve created a profile, you can browse our network (online or on your phone) of millions of people around the globe looking for a host in your city, surf with hosts almost anywhere in the world that you’re traveling to, or join fellow CouchSurfers in thousands of local activities like picnics, hikes, dance parties, language exchanges and much more.

Where are Couchsurfing members located?

Pretty much everywhere (even Antarctica!). There are over 5 million of us in more than 97,000 cities in 207 countries, speaking 366 languages.

How much does it cost to use Couchsurfing?

Surfing, hosting and all activities organized on Couchsurfing are absolutely free. Most surfers like to thank their hosts with a small gift or act of kindness — such as straightening up the house, cooking a meal, or buying a bottle of wine — but this is optional.

How do Couchsurfers stay safe?

Trust is the foundation of sharing and of Couchsurfing. Helping you stay safe is our top priority. Over the years, our safety team has built a system that fosters trust among our members and helps Couchsurfers make informed decisions and stay safe.

A cornerstone of our trust system is the public references that members leave for one another following any kind of in-person meeting. They rate their experiences as positive, negative or neutral. Besides the rating, we encourage our members to leave very detailed references of each other so that others can be fully informed before agreeing to host, surf or just meet.

Ultimately, taking the time to read member profiles very carefully to make sure they’ve been vetted and that there’s a personality match is critical to safety and a positive experience.