Magaluf Holiday Information and Events’ Booking.

SunSeaVIP is a web site dedicated to Magaluf and all it has to offer. The site has a clean and clear look and is user friendly. There are various sections to help potential travellers find their way around Magaluf and it is aimed at helping you get the most out of your holiday. The information includes; a guide to getting around; the weather; shopping, costs in Magaluf; the law, and health and safety. There is also an ‘events’ section with a party calendar; a section on nightlife, with nightclubs, bars, music and more as well as places to eat – with each broken down to give individual summaries on what each place offers, along with an idea of price and opening hours. There are also attractions and things to do mentioned, so holiday makers can decide before leaving what they wish to do and see, and either rent a car or not, on that basis.

Many hotels are listed to offer readers a choice of venue which ranges from luxurious to more spartan and therefore cheaper.

Breaking the site down more, this review will give some in-depth information about some of the sections included in SunSeaVIP.


Magaluf Guides, Costs and Advice.

The heading ‘Guides’ includes a section on costs in Magaluf, and this lets clients know roughly how much they will need to take with them before they leave home.

This part explains about local drinks, and tells you why they cost much less than the better-known brands. It also lets you know that the local equivalent is not quite the same as the more expensive one, and therefore, while this can save you a lot of your hard earned money, it will probably not taste as good, and in some cases if you intend to drink a lot, it may make you feel a bit worse than the premium brand – so think carefully about trying to save money this way. You will find the brands you drink at home usually cost a lot less in Spain anyway. There is a list of drink prices, and looking at this you will see that, for example, a pint of local spirit and mixer can cost between €3 – €5. The same pint of premium drink and mixer will set you back nearly the same amount at €5 – €7.

The cost section also tells holiday makers about a great concept in Magaluf – a ‘free bar’. This is explained in detail on the site, but basically means you pay a small amount, (generally €7 – €15), and then for a specified time, (usually anything from ½ hour – 2 hours), you can drink all you want without paying any more. This is local drinks though, so be prepared, and find out how long this free bar lasts before getting too excited.

The section that gives price guides for food only gives a general indication of prices as there is a whole section dedicated to eating in Magaluf on SunSeaVIP.

There is also a comprehensive price list for cigarettes and tobacco, compiled in July 2013, so pretty up to date. There is a part about regulations for taking tobacco and spirits back to the UK too, to help you avoid customs problems. This is very useful if you are thinking of buying cigarettes to take back, as you don’t want to ruin your holiday by spending hours in the airport being interrogated about what you bought, why you bought it and how you intend to use it. There is also the risk that custom’s officials will confiscate your products, so read this before going on a spending spree.


Magaluf Nightlife.

In the category ‘Nightlife’ there is a section for ‘Magaluf Virgins’. This is not what you may think, but is for people who have never been to Magaluf before.

This part explains how things work in this holiday destination and goes into details about certain aspects.
Clubs are given a section all on their own, where each club has its own page on SunSea VIP, but here there are a few general tips, such as buying tickets for the clubs from the site before travelling, to be sure of getting the ones you want.

One of the great suggestions is to visit a music bar before going clubbing, as this gets you in the mood, creates atmosphere and has cheaper drinks. You can dance in these places too, and again there is a section dedicated to the bars in Magaluf which gives information on each place.

Another important piece of advice the site offers, is about the new PRs. These are people who work for different bars or nightclubs, and they are easily recognised because they wear coloured vests. Their job is to convince you to use their bar or club. This means you can haggle with them over price, and especially if you are in a large group, you can expect to get a good discount.

The advice on ‘where to stay’ says, “At SunSeaVIP we’ve plenty of experience of what you’re looking for in your holiday accommodation. So to help you make the choice we’ve put together a list of the best places for clubbers to stay in Magaluf, which you can fully book through SunSea VIP! All the hotels and self-catering apartments are clubber-friendly and range from budget to luxury.”

In the nightlife section there is also the useful feature of the current day’s exchange rate for the Euro – the currency used in Spain.

Where to eat in Magaluf.

The heading ‘Eat’ has a comprehensive guide to twelve different eateries in Magaluf. Each place is described on the SunSea VIP site both as to atmosphere and the type of food it serves. This ranges from British food, for the less adventurous, to local Spanish cuisine for those who want to try something different. The opening times and a guide to cost are also part of each description, as well as Trip Advisor reviews and a link to the restaurants web site, (if available).


Nightlife in Magaluf.

Many young people visit Magaluf for the famous nightlife, in that it often lasts until morning. All your Magaluf Bars are located on the famous Magaluf Strip, which has more than 35 bars, 5 nightclubs and a number of restaurants. The strip is referred to as “one of the busiest party streets in Europe”, so if that is what you are after, there is no better place.

This section is laid out in a fun way, showing the street, and each bar is presented in its position on the strip. By clicking the bar you are then taken to a page dedicated to that particular bar where there are lots of photographs of the bar and any relevant information. SunSeaVIP has chosen the best bars for you to visit, so you don’t have to try them all and be disappointed.


Where to stay in Magaluf.

When it comes to places to stay in Magaluf, SunSeaVIP has an entire section showing you various Magaluf Hotels. These include beachfront hotels for those with larger funds available, and economical places to stay for people on a limited budget. The places mentioned on the site have been chosen to suit all requirements, including quality, value, service and nearness to restaurants, the beach, bars and the busy night life of Magaluf.

The elegant Beach House, aptly named as it is on the beach front, is more costly than many other places, but it offers a bit more luxury, and its features include a fitness centre, golf course (within 3 km), solarium, massage, bicycle rental, nightclub with a DJ and water sports facilities on site.

At the opposite end, in terms of cost, is the Samos Hotel. This has three stars, so it is not a dive, but the price is appealing, (from roughly £40 a night). This is only 250m from the beach and is close to local restaurants and bars, nightlife, family attractions and other amenities.

The hotels covered here are all different and offer a variety of features, but they all have one thing in common – they are handy for everything you may wish to do in Magaluf.

So if you are thinking of traveling to Magaluf this summer, be sure to check out the most concise guide for the resort, SunSeaVIP.