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The basic idea behind is to provide information about Spain for anybody interested in Spain, whether you simply want to know a little about how the country “works”, or you have plans to move to Spain for a short or long period.

Please keep in mind that laws and regulations can – and do – change, and that it is your responsibility to obtain the correct information before you take any action. cannot be held responsible for actions taken as a result of using this website. However, we hope you will find the site useful and wish you every success with your plans.

I am delighted to say that HomeCareontheWeb, the property management division of HolidayRentalontheWeb, have produced a free guide to making the most of your rental property called ‘Secrets of Successful Rentals’. Visit and click on ‘Free Insider Guides’ to download it. I know this will answer all your questions about rentals in Spain

There are now many online forums, newsgroups dedicated to Spain or a particular part of Spain and one I rate very highly is The Spain Forum on the strives to be a welcoming community where experienced ex-pats living in Spain offer first hand advice. The help offered may not be as pretty as the dream but it is genuine and offered by caring members who want you to learn from their experiences and mistakes.

The Spain Forum is a true mix of members with interests in Spain. The mix includes those who are starting to think about emigrating and retiring all the way through to members who have been enjoying the Spanish way of life for many years. Feel free to sign up and be a part of the community. I am sure you will enjoy it and learn from people in similar situations.

This Is Spain S.L. who are the owners of are fanatical about encouraging people to learn Spanish if they intend to stay in Spain for more than a holiday. We are delighted to have teamed up with Rocket Languages to offer you a FREE 6 part Spanish mini-course which takes you through the basics. Obviously you are not going to be fluent after 6 short lessons and will at least be able to introduce yourself ask for help and order “the perfect coffee”. Once you have mastered these basic steps we can highly recommend their excellent and very affordable online course Rocket Spanish – The Ultimate Guide To Learning Spanish. You will find many references throughout the entire site to the need to learn Spanish and this inexpensive but complete site is certainly going to be able to get you to a good level quickly. You download the course over the internet and can work at your own pace, listening and practising until YOU are happy that you are confident with each lesson. You can go back as many times as you like and if there is any particular lesson that causes you problems you just practise until YOU feel ready to move on. To learn more just click here and you will see the entire course and the theory behind the course is explained (in English!). Of course, you may want to take your Spanish to the next level and a course in Spain with professional teachers is ideal. I have reviewed many courses from many centres and have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. That said, I believe that this is one Spanish learning opportunity that I can wholly endorse. Please check to see whether it is what you are looking for.

N.B. Even if you are only coming to Spain for a few days’ holidays it would be nice (and polite!) to be able to say “hola” or “gracias”. So, why not at least help yourself to the free 6 part mini-course? Rocket Spanish – The Ultimate Guide To Learning Spanish

You will by now be aware that I do not think that you can ever have too much GOOD advice and if you are thinking of moving to an living in Spain then you need to have the greatest amount of information at your fingertips to make sure that you take fullest advantage of your opportunity. The best way to do this is to sign up to receive the free eBook on Buying a Property and Living in Spain available by registering here

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