When ICE and AA could save your life

Do this right now. Take out your mobile phone, open your phonebook, locate the most important people in your life, select ‘edit’ and input the letters ‘AA’ followed by ‘space’ in front of their first name. Why? Because in Spain, ‘AA’ is short for ‘Avisar a’, meaning ‘Who to contact’ or, for us, ICE ‘In Case of Emergency.

And while you are at it, why not create a ‘new contact or two. Let’s call them ‘AA ICE’ putting their entire name in the next field. Now, be you in the UK, Ireland, or Spain, if for any reason you are in difficulties and someone can access your mobile phone, then they will quickly be able to find a number to call and be able to tell them of your circumstances.

Over the next few weeks the Ministry for the Interior hopes that all residents and visitors shall add this simple prefix to a contact name and number on their mobile.

The scheme is being promoted by Cruz Roja, the Spanish Red Cross who are faced with many difficulties in accident situations, when they are at a loss to know who to contact. Juan Manuel Suárez de Toro, President of the Cruz Roja, , said that it would be extremely useful for them and a guarantee that anyone who has suffered an accident has a friendly face nearby quickly.

The AA or Automobile Association might help you and your car out of difficulties back home and now by following this simple suggestion, you’ll have a little bit more peace of mind…… and it’s free.

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