Reflexology has a long history of pain treatment, and so has been tried for various types of headaches.
HEADACHES can be caused by a number of different factors. Of these, stress and anxiety resulting in tension, blocked sinuses, migraine and stomach disorders are the most common. Another reason for headache might be fever or an infection caused by a cold or the flu.

Reflexology can help to alleviate some or all of these symptoms, bringing relaxation and relief from pain.
MIGRAINES are more complex that a simple headache, or simply pain. However, since reflexology attempts to treat the body and not the symptoms, some are enthusiastic about its value for migraine, both as a preventative and abortive treatment.

Helpful treatment for migraine may focus on the toes (brain, sinuses, head) and perhaps other areas for the general functionality of the body (stomach, lungs, etc).

NB Any unexplained headache that is not alleviated by reflexology or any conventional over-the-counter medicine should always be investigated by a physician to rule out any underlying condition.

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