Thinking of setting up in Spain?

Have you ever considered moving and setting up life and business in sunny Spain? (Well, if you are reading this blog then of course you have!)

Many have thought about starting up a business or even extending their company’s reach into the Spanish market; however, understandably, these thoughts are often quelled by fear of the risk involved in such a venture.

Adapting to a new environment, new laws and a new market often represent a strong financial and emotional stress, which in the past, has put people off making the move. These worries are confounded by existing practical difficulties, such as overcoming a language barrier and finding the right location to set up a company.

Regus [English website | Spanish website] can help you re-locate and even break in to the Spanish market by minimising the risks involved in setting up a business abroad, so that you can focus on your actual work without getting tied down to long contracts and leases.

Regus provides a variety of business services tailored to your needs. Perhaps you need an office for 6 months as you test the market? Or a virtual office may be more suited to your needs, with a local address and local number to help you conduct business with local clients? These are just some of the services that Regus can offer to support business in Spain across their numerous centres in prime locations such as here in Barcelona (photos below), Madrid, Marbella, Malaga and Valencia.

Because Regus has a global network you don’t even have to worry about knowing Spanish or any other local language when you approach our centres. Our team members, across all centres, are fluent in English so that you can book those meetings and tell us your requirements all in a language you feel confident with.