The Solution To Spain’s Economic Crisis”

With the worldwide financial crisis, many people are finding it difficult to find work, let alone put food on the table. well Spain now has an answer or more so a new technology platform that will help to lessen the financial burdens of the people of Spain all for only 5€

The Spanish market is one that many business people wish to tap into, however this is the very first Made in Spain, micro job site. In the states, there exists many such as however only a a handful have tried to entered the Spanish market.


As the home based business market is steadily on the rise. Trying to weather the economic storm has been quite a challenge. It will transform the way people work all around the world.

According to AMI’s recent study, 2020 U.S. Home-Based Business Annual Market Overview, there was an 11% increase in those who started their HBB due to downsizing last year in the U.S. It stands to reason that when some employees are downsized from larger companies, they are motivated to make their own employment path by starting their own company from their home office.

“What’s interesting is that 80% of those who became HBBs because of downsizing from a larger company,” says Jessica Efta, Manager of Market Development for AMI-Partners, “do not plan to return to the corporate workforce. They plan to stay HBBs for the long term. With today’s technologies, a small business owner does not have to have a storefront or office building to conduct a successful business.”

This service will revolutionize online jobs and the way people work from home. There is an estimated 358 million people speaking Spanish, many of whom will now have the possibility to work from the comfort of their own home, selling and marketing whatever service that can imagine.
is Spain´s version of the dollar stores that are so common in the states.