2nd Festival International de Arte Marbella

17-20 June 2010

Introducing the State-of-the-Art New Website & “Friends of the FIAM”

With more than one hundred high calibre artists confirmed to participate
in the second edition, the Festival de Arte International Marbella is on
track to be an even more successful cultural spectacular in Marbella when
it takes place in the resort from 17-20 June 2010.

Preparations for the 2nd edition are gathering pace as the artists are
selected and the programme of entertainment is finalized. With an
outstanding selection of artists from around the world preparing to
display their works, FIAM is anticipated to attract a spectacular number
of visitors as this year’s event is extended to four days.

Vision of the Future – Art in Technology

A new hi-tech element is being incorporated into this year’s festival.
Demonstrating how technology is now closely linked to art forms, digital
artists and will be located in the Alameda in an original, shared 100 sq m
tent structure. The FIAM is giving companies the opportunity to participate
and become a part of this cultural event showcasing the increased scope of
the Arts in the XXI century. The space is divided into 2×2 m2 for each
company or individual and will cost 520 € +IVA for the four days of the
Festival. Companies devoted to design, 3D animation, research of new
materials and all encompassed areas where art is linked to new technology
are invited to contact the FIAM for further details.

A Window on the World of FIAM

As the event itself gains ground in the cultural panorama of the
international resort, the festival website
has been revamped to reflect the high calibre of the event, and to
encourage artists and art lovers to
preview works, post messages and create an online community to support
this vibrant art initiative.

With an area to browse a gallery of works by participating artists, an
artist’s section, friends and sponsors area and a festival blog,
www.festivaldeartemarbella.com is a user-friendly virtual window on all
the latest news and views on the FIAM. A translation facility is being
introduced to offer the FIAM website in a number of languages.

Some 20,000 people visited the 3-day event last year, and this year’s
festival promises to be even more popular. With an ever more enticing
programme of entertainment, the new Vision of the Future area devoted to
digital art and new technologies, a media centre and much more, the
festival which is fully supported by the Tourism Council of Marbella Town
Hall, comprises a dynamic street festival bringing the centre of town to
life in an explosion of colourful art, music and performances over four
days. Sprawling down the Alameda and the Avenida del Mar in the heart of
Marbella between the quaint Old Town and the Paseo Marítimo, artists will
display their work in individual white tents.

Share the Love with Friends of the FIAM

The crowd-pulling power of the Festival Internacional de Arte Marbella is
more than proven with the impressive figure of 20,000 visitors at the
first edition. With so many fans and followers, the festival
organisers have created “Friends of the FIAM” so that art lovers,
individuals and companies alike, can
pledge their support for this exciting annual event. For a nominal
donation of 40 euros a year, you can be added to the list of Friends of
the FIAM. Companies pay just 90 euros, and their logo can be included in
the Friends of the FIAM section of the website. As a Friend of the FIAM,
you will be given fun promotional items so that you can wear your love of
art on your sleeve!

The 2nd edition of FIAM still has a window of opportunity open to sponsors
looking to reach a high profile audience in Marbella through involvement in
the event programme, website, printed materials, artists’ catalogue and VIP
inaugural cocktail party. To get involved with one of the most dynamic and
well-attended events in Marbella’s cultural landscape contact Caroline
Bowley on 677 167 310.


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