Sometimes, just sometimes one experiences a level of service so far above what is either expected or reasonable that one has to make a special recommendation. I can only give City Self-Storage S.L. . that personal approbation. If you are on the in or near Barcelona and have any goods that you want storing or moving, then I would recommend that you make contact with them.

I quote, “City Self Storage provides you clean, dry and secure storage units that you can lock with your own padlock in units ranging from 1 to 100 sq m. The possibilities for storing your goods are almost limitless. You can also buy packing material and moving boxes. Or take advantage of our moving and additional services”.

“We have 8 centres. available for storage and all the other additional services that City Self-Storage offer. We also offer Mail Box services so don’t hesitate to contact our team today and we will gladly take you through all the details!”

These centres are just a few of 50 they have in several different countries. So, whilst you have local service, you also have international support. In Spain they offer among other services:

* Individual storage space

* Your own padlock

* Increased security option – individual door alarms

* Trolleys

* Free access 24 hours a day using your own entry code

* Camera and electronic control system

* Rental of storage rooms on a monthly basis

*Locks, boxes and other packing materials also in offer

*Free van for 4 hours with the rental of a box

* CALL US ON 900 700 001

City Self-Storage S.L.