Write History No 2


Mike Walsh

I accompany the most interesting people as they make their way through life. Sharing their experiences, I suffer their hardships and I dream their dreams. When things go right, as they sometimes will, we clink glasses together.
Imagine being a true friend of a mother of children who, suffering a paedophile husband, spends her time trying to keep one step ahead of Social Services. She dreads their rapping at the door and her children being taken into care.

I have accompanied crayfish fishermen and deep sea divers as they go about their nail-biting careers off South Africa’s Pacific coastlines. When a boy born in a thatched cottaged in the South Sea Islands set out on an odyssey to reach England guess who was with him? Me of course.

I was the fly on the wall as innocent Africans were duped by missionaries, I was the sleuth in the exposure of a Costa del Sol killer. Who am I? I joined my army mates as they set sail for the Indian Raj and later fought their way with huge losses through the Khyber Pass. It was me who lay terrorised at night in my dormitory waiting for the priest to come and tug at my bed sheet.

I am of course a ghost-writer and believe it or not these stories are all true. The Costa Communities are home to people, many of whom have led the most fascinating lives. So many have gone through hell and they all have stories to tell. This is what I do. I help to share their experiences with a new emerging world that is woefully ignorant of such colourful lives.

I receive many enquiries. Yesterday alone I either answered the phone or emails to three people. A retired lady whose Communist partisan husband had committed crimes that would make Satan himself screw his eyes up in horror. A gentleman who eavesdropped the Great Baker Street Robbery; an African explorer who had survived a life with despots and a colourful tapestry of jungle brigands.

Not all get past the dream to write their story, which is a pity. Some writers lack the commitment or modest investment needed to bring their story to retail standards. I can help with the first, family can often help with the second.

Yes, mine is an interesting life; I love it but sometimes I do wish that I could settle into a gripping erotic novel or a light-hearted vignette or humorous novelette for a change from the murder and the mayhem.

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