Living in Lanzarote

The story of a family’s move from suburban UK to the idyllic island of Lanzarote

Living in Lanzarote is the story of how Mike Cliffe-Jones and his family uprooted themselves from suburban England and moved to the paradise island of Lanzarote in The Atlantic Ocean. The book covers:

How and why they made the decision

How they planned the move

Their arrival and subsequent hilarious brushes with Spanish bureaucracy

How they went about setting up their business on the island

What went right and what went wrong for them in the early years

Their progress over six years from being new immigrants to fully fledged members of the island community

With 20 chapters to enjoy, Living in Lanzarote is full of insight about the island and life in general. It’s a genuinely funny book.

The book makes good reading for anyone who might enjoy the many humorous aspects of a family moving to a foreign country. For example, a character who crops up time again is Maximo from the telephone company, Telefonica. He’s completely, barking mad! And then there’s the slippery Luis, who has sold various cars and motorcycles to the family over the years. Either he’s the best salesman in the world, or Mike is the best prospect!

If you’re planning a move to The Canaries, or to even visit the islands regularly, this book will give you a real local’s insight and take you to places most tourists never find.

More details from the author himself

In 2014, Mike published a sequel, “Still Living in Lanzarote”. Details here