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Submarine Safaris SL was established in Lanzarote in the summer of 1997. We were the first and only real diving submarine on the island, which brought a new dimension to that wonderful island. It enabled one and all to enjoy the wonders of the undersea world, from the very young to senior citizens.

In 2007 we expanded the company and opened a new operation here on the island of Tenerife. This has enabled us to reach a larger market so more clients can now participate and enjoy the magical mysteries below the waves.

Our Excursion

There are only 15 tourist submarines of our type operating in the world, so why not take this opportunity to experience the depths of the Atlantic Ocean? Dive up to 100ft without getting your hair wet. Our Submarines are worth more than 3 million pounds each!!

Our Submarines are based in San Miguel de Abona Marina, here on Tenerife and in Puerto Calero on the east coast of Lanzarote. Puerto Calero has a justified reputation as the millionaires’ marina. You will arrive on our courtesy coach and then be escorted to our yellow submarine. Inside is seating for 44 passengers, with 22 huge port holes along the sides which will enable you to view the vast array of marine life here off the coast of San Miguel. The submarine is fully air conditioned for your comfort.

From the moment you step on board, you will be able to see many fish swimming around the marina. As we start to dive, our guides will begin commentary for the duration of the excursion. Get your cameras and camcorders at the ready as you may come face to face with 8ft Rays, huge barracuda, angel sharks, parrot fish, bogue, groupers and many more. Shipwrecks lie on the ocean bed teaming with marine life – simply a fantastic sight that has to be seen to be believed.

At around 100ft the submarine will “park up” on the ocean bed. You will be able to walk around the submarine and take photos. Our scuba diver will join us at this point, performing his underwater ballet and hand feeding the amazing creatures of the deep right in front of your port hole. Simply unforgettable!!

On the way back up to the “real world”, we encourage everyone to join in a chorus of “We all live in a yellow submarine.” As we leave the beauty of the underwater world, you will be presented with your personalised dive certificate to prove you are one of the very few people in the world who have discovered the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Submarine Safaris dive 6 days a week on an hourly basis. Everybody over the age of two is welcome. Book online via

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Submarine Safaris operate two of the world’s most sophisticated hi-tech tourist submarines.
Our Submarines are named Sub Fun Cinco – Tenerife and Sub Fun Tres – Lanzarote. They have been designed and built specifically for the submarine tourist industry. Each submarine is built to a very high specification and cost over 3 million euros each. They are designed for safety and total comfort so our passengers can fully enjoy their diving experience. The cabin is spacious and is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, so pregnant women, heart patients and persons with ear problems will not be affected in any way.

Between the two operations we have carried out over 30,000 dives

Please visit our gallery here.

The submarines were designed and built in Finland
They are 18.5 m long, 4 m wide and 6.5 m high
Total weight in air is 106 tons
Maximum operating depth is 60 m
Capacity: 48 passengers and crew
22 large viewports (800mm diameter), 11 on each side
2 very large viewports (each end): 1600mm diameter
Propulsion: 6 x 15 k/Watts electrical motors
Safety features: All systems are duplicated for extra safety
+ Surface control boat

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