“Working for students & businesses by sourcing & selecting quality work experience positions and offering a flexible solution to staffing requirements”.

About Placement Finders

Placement Finders is a work placement mediation company supplying European undergraduates and graduates to all kinds of businesses in Spain. We provide a cost effective solution to both short and long-term human resource needs.

We find the students for the vacancies and the vacancies for the students.

The Organisation

The Placement Finders team is a compact and focused group, with international experience in the work placement industry. We are an independent, limited company based in Southern Andalucía.

What Is A Work Placement?

A work placement enables students to make the connection between academic studies and the world of work, putting theory into practice and equipping them with skills needed to work in a professional environment. Students spend from three to nine months abroad, experiencing the work place first hand.

Most placements are normally unpaid although a monthly allowance towards accommodation and general living costs are often provided.

All candidates are studying for a degree or a Masters and are at University or business schools.

Why Placement Finders?

Placement Finders select high calibre students with skills relevant to the strategic needs of each organisation. You identify the role – we recruit specifically to your requirements.

We match each students career objective to the Company’s requirements through screening and interviewing.

Placement Finders provides access to quality people in a cost-effective manner.

The Benefits Are Endless:

Acquire an intelligent, cost effective labour resource with valuable skills and knowledge.

Tap into a pool of bright, innovative, well-educated candidates.

Gain access to different languages and possibly help with export development.

Undertake projects or work that permanent employees may not have time for.

Overcome temporary staff shortages.

Fill permanent positions all year round.

A dynamic and profitable addition to any company.

All of the above at little cost to the host company, we charge a modest fee for the recruitment process.

We aim to:

Increase student mobility.

Enhance employment opportunities by developing employability.

Provide cost effective solutions to staffing needs.

Add practical experience to academic knowledge.

Facilitate a rewarding commercial, cultural and social experience.

Promote internationalisation.

We are always looking for office-based Spanish-speaking companies able to offer students a work experience position. Please see www.placementfinders.com for more information.

Whether you are a student, graduate, business, or university, Placement Finders has the right solution for you.