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Speakeasy Bcn

FIESTA, SIESTA… if you understand so much about the culture and lifestyle of a people only from two words, imagine how much you would understand to actually speak its language!

So, just in case you thought about learning some Spanish while in Spain, Speakeasy Language School seems to be a good choice. Maybe it’s because of their really cool classes (check the students recommendations on the internet), their great team of Spanish teachers or cool location – the very heart of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya. Maybe also because they are the #1 low-cost Spanish language school in the City.

The courses are built on a communicative and practical methodology. The classes are so-called “immersion” classes, meaning that the books as well as the teaching are completely in Spanish. Don’t be frightened by this though. The teachers are experts in explaining the material, so that you can easily understand it. The courses are a combination of vocabulary, grammar, conversation and exercises and cover a wide range of topics, so that you build your language skills in an optimal manner.

Speakeasy Bcn basically offers 3 different options, which cover most students’ needs:

· 20hr/week Intensive Program (Monday to Friday, 9-13)

· 10hr/week Semi-Intensive Program (Monday to Friday, 13:30-15:30)

· 6h/week Evening Program (You take classes twice per week, 18:30-21:30)

You can also download the Speakeasy Bcn 2015 brochure here.

The school has a vibrant student community and offers a lot of activities on a weekly basis. This could range from a social drink, museums and sightseeing, to weekend trips to other cities of Spain. The aim is to have a little something for everyone, regardless of your age or interests. Some examples of Speakeasy’s activities includes bike tours, wine tours, visits to Montjuic and Tibidabo, beach days, parties, weekend trips, skiing trips, paella cooking classes, flamenco shows. Whatever you are interested in, Speakeasy Bcn offers it. Best of all – You will gain friends from all around the world!

If you need accommodation, Speakesy Bcn offers a wide range of options here too. You can chose to stay with a host family, in a shared apartment with other students or in a student residence. For non-EU members the school will also help you with the complicated process of getting a long-term visa. It has years of experience dealing with these issues and can guide you throughout the whole visa process, from going to the embassy with the right documents, to filling in application forms, getting insurance, getting a NIE once in Spain etc.

If you want to know more, why don’t you just visit the Speakeasy Bcn website?

Or pay them a visit at:
Ronda Universidad 7,
08007 Barcelona

¡Hasta luego chicos!

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