We are pleased to bring you many franchise opportunities and businesses for sale in Spain.

If you are interested in a Franchise then this can be a great way of starting a business as all of the hard work has been done and you will have expert help and support. The franchise market in Spain is really growing and there are lots of different options available. We have selected the best franchises and businesses for sale assuring you the best options on the market today.

We are offered many different Franchises and businesses for sale in Spain and have an extensive knowledge of the Spanish market. If you cannot find the type of business you are looking for in Spain then contact a member of our customer support team.

Buying into a successful franchise can be a sensible financial option for people looking to move to Spain or for people already living here. Franchising often offers a much safer way to make a living in Spain when compared to starting your own business from scratch.


A franchise is a business concept that you buy into as opposed to starting your own business. Perhaps the best-known example is McDonalds or, perhaps, KFC and Burger King. Of course, you could start your own fast food restaurant but when you pay to buy a McDonalds outlet you have an edge as you are buying a brand that instantly attracts customers. Not only that but your on-going franchise fee is partly reinvested in national advertising to continually draw in repeat custom. Other franchises like Taco Bell, Wendys, Wimpy and even Harry Ramsdens Fish and Chips have all been incredibly successful over a great many years.

In addition with a franchise in Spain you are buying a proven business idea, mistakes have been ironed out so that you are trained in how to run a successful business operation with on-going support and backup from the franchisor, who ideally is also based in Spain.

You will find franchises such as the Mr-Kool franchise that has a network of agents installing air-conditioning in homes and offices, also Rapido-air franchise that has a network of agents working with vehicle air-conditioning. With a franchise in Spain you will have access to goods at wholesale prices – with a few franchisees there is bigger buying power as compared to your lowly buying power as a single unit operation. You may also want to look at Mr-SKY TV franchise this business provides you with an exclusive territory where you will be installing satellite TV also its worth looking at Solar panels Spain this is a new franchise set up since a new law was passed stating that all new buildings in Spain must have solar panel water heating systems installed.

Buying a franchise in Spain can give you an essential head start in business. Yes you are running your own business but you are not alone and will be part of a network of agents.

You may want to look at the One stop promotional clothing franchise and also the Great British Banger franchise if you enjoy cooking then it’s worth looking at the Your Personal Cook franchise. It’s also worth looking at Franchiseek they usually have several franchise available in Spain.


Buying a franchise in Spain is not just about buying a fast food franchise. In Spain you can buy a franchise in almost every business area that you can think of. Of course if your Spanish is limited your choice of franchises is also limited. Equally, if you are limited to an expat area maybe the franchise of your choice has already been taken.

A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business. Each franchise business has been authorized by a parent company, or franchisor, to sell their goods and/or services either in a retail space or a designated geographical area. The franchise governs the method of conducting business between the two parties. Generally, a franchisee sells goods or services supplied by the franchisor or that meet the franchisor’s quality standards.

The concept of franchising was introduced to Spain in the 1970s but remained relatively undeveloped until Spain joined the EU in 1986. Since then, the sector has expanded considerably and the country now boasts one of the largest and fastest growing franchise markets in the EU.

Here are just a few of our current opportunities. Please contact us for our latest information. We will teach you how to run your own Satellite installation agency. You will attend a three day training course and have two days completing real installations. If you are looking for a change and want to be your own boss then this could be for you, all tools, training & equipment supplied. Air-conditioning in Spain has always been an incredibly busy Industry; we have secured fantastic discounts from our suppliers in Spain and already have a growing brand awareness all over Spain. All training in UK to certificated level. Huge earnings and exclusive territories.

The Guide To Spain Interested in working flexible hours to suit you? Want to earn in excess of 2500 p/m. Part / Full time? Selling web-based services in your own local area? This is an incredible opportunity to start your own business for under 5000. Only a limited number of territories available.

Solar Panels Biggest Growth Industry in Spain. Every new house MUST have by law a Solar Panel to heat water. Full training in UK to certificated level. Huge earning’s and exclusive territories. We offer full training either in Spain or UK along with five days of “in the field” experience.

Rapido-Air Vehicle air-conditioning in Spain is huge. Spain enjoys one of the best climates in Europe and with 87% of new vehicles having air-conditioning there is a massive market for both re-gassing and servicing vehicle air-conditioning systems. Full UK PLC Support – Supply chain – Exclusive territories

Great British Banger Company. Every one loves a bit of sausage! Interested in creating your own sausages to distribute with your own exclusive territory in Spain? With 65% of British ex-pats saying “We miss our traditional sausages from back home” the market is Spain is wide open! You will be supplied with all of the equipment required to make batches of different flavoured sausages.

Offex Spain International ex-pat postal courier service in Association with Royal Mail (UK) excellent opportunity to become a franchised member of Offex Spain. You will be assisting both ex-pats and local businesses with getting there letters and parcels back to the UK.

Essential Kitchen Collection – luxury fitted kitchen installation business based in Spain we offer full training in the UK to a certificated level. All of the kitchen units come flat packed and are incredibly quick to assemble. All aspects of installing units is covered and we offer on-going support and supply from our UK suppliers.

Don Cappucino Business for sale in Spain, excellent opportunity to establish a Don Cappucino Internet Cafe in Spain. This business does require long hours but the rewards are worth it. In addition you will offer a fax service, and colour printing. This business can be run by one person depending on size of unit.

Burglar Alarms and CCTV business Are you interested in learning the lucrative trade of burglar alarm and CCTV installations? With ever growing security fears in Spain the security Industry has seen record growth. As part of a network of British engineers you will receive full training and technical support along with a dedicated marketing team.

Alcohol Breath Testers. Brand new to Spain, be one of the first to take advantage of the massive market that has no competition and offers enormous potential to entrepreneurs looking for a new exciting genuine business opportunity.

VRS Investigations Interested in becoming a fully trained investigator? working on behalf of the UK Insurance Industry assisting in the recovery of vehicles in Spain? With an average finder’s fee of over 3000 euros plus expenses the earning potential is huge. You will be under 65 have a full driving license valid passport and available to travel between UK and Spain.

Your Personal Cook Are you passionate about food? If you are Helen & Paul from Your Personal Cook would like to hear from you. Have you ever thought about being your own boss? We are looking for people that can cook to run a Your Personal Cook agency in Spain, catering for families staying in luxury villas.

Are you interested in any of the above franchises or are you interested in launching your franchise in Spain? Contact us today!

Franchise of the Month

Metafit Spain

Metafit Spain is based on the Coast del Sol and covers the whole of Spain, Gibraltar and the Islands.

Metafit was formed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, Metafit is the original group X HIIT workout. 30 minute, non-choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire. We have been creating true HIIT workouts for our coaches for over 10 years and weather you are teaching a Boot Camp, Studio class or a PT session, Metafit works! It’s tough, but it’s meant to be.

  • No Equipment needed
  • No licence fee! teach in any location or venue
  • Over 100 tracks available to download
  • Simple 1-day certification course
  • Free media material and online support
  • Taught live, by qualified coaches


Boost your income immediately with our licence free workouts! teach in any location or venue, worldwide.

We are not a virtual, streamed or home workout, our tracks are taught live, by real coaches and instructors. Teach classes on the beach, park, terrace or gym. No equipment needed and earn more per hour than a PT!

A simple 1-day certification course enables you to access and download over 100 workouts, with free media pack and exercise technique library for only €9.99.

1 Day Metafit course (level 2 ETM, Fitness or PT qualified only)

  • Mobilisation, Activation and dynamic warm ups
  • Metabolic effects and Fat burning. Busting the myths/ Core not Abs
  • Interval and Tabata techniques
  • Bodyweight training progressions/ regressions
  • Teaching the Metafit 30-minute workout.
  • Easy to use Metafit App for music, instructional videos and more!
  • Media, Fresh Track Downloads & customisable Marketing material every month!


Contact Details:


Telephone: +34 616 341 709

For full details click here