Lustro Tempore

Lusto Tempore

Lusto Tempore is an organization which started with the synergy of 3 ladies. “omne trinium perfectum”.
That is the reason why we chose our logo the “Triangle of Escher”; The impossible triangle certainly looks possible at each corner, you will begin to notice a paradox when you view the triangle as a whole. The beams of the triangle simultaneously appear to recede and come toward you. Yet, somehow, they meet in an impossible configuration.

We will try to make the impossible possible! To make your customized idea or wish reality.


With services that remain unrivaled by virtually any other source, we commit our focus on clients who seek the ‘unusual’ and ‘exceptional’.
Leaving no corner unturned, it is our goal to provide our most treasured clientele with VIP packages to the world’s most exclusive awards shows, sporting events, movie premieres, fashion shows, film festivals and much more.
We would be pleased to develop ideas together with you, to adapt the concept exactly to your needs.

What do we offer?

1. Organization of Customized Events: Celebrations, Openings parties, Customized adventures (*)
2. Charity & Fund Raising Galas
3. Several workshops for coaching, inner balance and growth
4. Team-building sessions

* Some examples of Customized Adventures:
– Climbing Kilimanjaro
– Swimming with the Killer Whales in the North of Norway and exploring the Northern Light
– Bedouin adventure in the Sinai Desert with a private chef and fantastic food

Contact: Naomi Hesseling by email or +34 657 315 037