“Steve, on the subject of Moving to Spain, I was at a lunch party yesterday which was very interesting. Present were a young couple who have not had the easiest time asking around the expats at the party for their advice and suggestions re moving out to Spain.”

“In a nutshell, this was the unanimous opinion” :

1. Learn at least SOME Spanish before you come – it opens many doors left closed to non-Spanish speakers and can help in not getting ripped off. Also it gives you a HUGE advantage over non-Spanish speakers …

2. Come with SOME capital behind you – life here IS cheaper, but it’s not free! While you are looking for work, or if you are ill etc, you will need SOMETHING to fall back on.

3. Be clear about “what is the worst that can happen” – if you have no money behind you and no job offer, what will you do if a year down the line you are in the same position? If you know what your “worst case scenario” is, you can plan for it.

4. Prepare – better to come “next year” having bolted on some other useful certificates – massage, plumbing etc and some Spanish, than rush out chasing the Spanish Dream with no means of making it a reality. Do your research, read the books recommended, and take your time.

5. Rent before you Buy – many people have come unstuck leaping into a purchase without knowing the area – and finding they hate the neighbours, the schools are awful, there are no facilities, EVERYONE around them is an expat, a main road is being built etc etc…. We all want our Homes in the Sun, but would a 6 month or year wait to be SURE really be such a bad thing?

6. Have strings to your bows – finding work is NOT easy – there are jobs, especially for those with an excellent command of Spanish – but it is by no means guaranteed. So the more abilities and qualifications you have and can demonstrate, the better.

Be flexible – Rigidity simply will get you nowhere – have an open mind to what you will do in order to bring to bear your Dream.

This information was kindly complied by Amanda Hamilton from Casa La Celada Iznájar, Córdoba.