Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

Advice on choosing and using contact lenses

Contact lenses are very popular for people of all ages and with a range of lifestyles, however people can worry that they will not be right for them, or simply never have thought about wearing them because they aren’t sure how to use them.

Francisco Manuel Jurado Alonso from Specsavers Opticas in Guardamar del Segura advises that the advances in technology over the last five years have transformed contact lenses and means that now almost everyone can use them comfortably and safely. However, the type of lenses you choose must be the right ones for your particular lifestyle and take into account any conditions you may have.

Here is some advice on things to look out for and consider –

Make sure your eyes are healthy – Before trying contact lenses for the first time, have a thorough eye test to identify any issues which may make contact lens wear more difficult or more risky, so you can choose correctly. For example, if you have dry eyes then more hydrating lens systems really help, or if you have diabetes, you should take particular care with hygiene and handling and choose a lens with good oxygen transmission properties, as a corneal abrasion may take longer to heal and any infections may take longer to clear than in contact lens wearer without diabetes.

Identify your particular visual need – An eye test will give you and your optician the latest information on your eyesight and any particular needs which the contact lens needs to compensate for. New advances in technology have developed multi-focal and vari-focal contact lenses which allow people who are both short and long sighted to see perfectly without having to wear two different lenses. Almost everyone can now use lenses, you simply need to correctly identify your need and match the right lens to your vision and lifestyle.

Match your lens to your lifestyle – The type of lens you choose will depend on your lifestyle and the frequency of wear. The daily disposable lenses are the best in terms of hygiene and convenience, we recommend daily disposables for irregular use and monthly lenses for daily use. There are innovative options which can make it much easier to use contact lenses, like the first flat-packed lens which can fit in your wallet, or lenses you can sleep in if you tend to forget to take them out before bed. Be sure that the lenses fit the eye properly, as this will be uncomfortable no matter what lens you choose.

Keep them clean – Once you have chosen the right lens for you, make sure you keep them really clean to avoid any infections. The daily disposable lenses are fresh every day and so they are the most hygienic choice and you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean. If you are using monthly lenses, make sure you use the proper solutions to keep them clean and never use tap water, especially not hot tap water; it can contain bacteria which can be very damaging to your eye.

Follow the instructions – Read the instructions carefully and make sure you follow them properly in order to avoid complications and make sure you are replacing them as frequently as necessary. If you continue using lenses longer than you should, then the porous surface of the lens can get filled up with deposits which stop the flow of oxygen and can cause allergic reactions. Older lenses also dry out, become less comfortable and the deposits can create ulcers in the cornea which can impair vision, cause red eye and infections.

Specsavers Opticas offer contact lens health checks, lifestyle advice and also a free trial so you can make sure that the lenses suit you before you buy.

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