Fet a Sóller

Surrounded by mountains and near the highest Balearic peak, Puig Major, is located this picturesque and bustling Soller Valley, also called in Mallorcan “Vall dels Tarongers”. In the gardens and orchards around the village, there are countless orange and lemon trees. The famous Navel and Valencia types of oranges grow in Sóller, and also here (and only here) there is a variety called Canoneta. This is also known as the “juice bomb” and it may be on the tree until well into the summer, thanks to the special micro-climate created by the mountains.

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These Mediterranean gardens, full of fruit and vegetables trees, provide locals and visitors all kind of fruits: figs, prickly pears, kiwis, melons watermelons and pomegranates.

The slopes of the Sierra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site, are with their stone walls, irrigation ditches and the virtuous olive trees, some 1000 years’ old, the evidence of a centuries-old tradition. The silence in the grove, interrupted only by the bells of the sheep and the goats, attracts nature lovers towards these narrow paths, year after year.

Olive Oil production is performed at the oil mills “tafones”, some of them still traditional with those huge stones, fact that enriches the local cuisine to delight Mediterranean Cuisine lovers. Oli de Mallorca, a liquid gold full of flavour and health, is synonymous with healthy food, tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability.

The cold pressed Olive Oil, with extra virgin quality, provides our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and a balanced amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

The certification of the Designation of Origin “Oli de Mallorca” ensures that oil is pure and natural, made from the highest quality olives. Without chemical additives, it has a flavour and consistency that makes it unique. Olive oil from Mallorca is perfect as salad dressing and for any other kind of food. It helps to emphasize and enhance the sensory characteristics of pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit.


In Fet a Sóller, with one shop in Sóller and two in Puerto de Sóller, offers a variety of local products; sausages and cheeses such as the local salami “fuet” or the Mallorcan cheese, olive oil flavoured with natural essences of citrus, sweet jams and marmalades made just with fruit, sugar and lemon juice, without forgetting the beautiful almond-blossom fruit in February: almonds chopped, ground, roasted, salted or with herbs.

The ice cream by “Sa Fàbrica of Gelats” is made from top quality materials and ingredients obtained from the island, such as orange, lemon or tangerine juice, freshly squeezed, achieving the best fresh and natural sorbet. The ice cream production is subjected to strict quality controls carried out by the “Conselleria de Sanidad” and by an independent laboratory (Bactercontrol) to offer the consumer a high quality artisan ice cream with all the guarantees.

The taste of Mallorca not just on the island, but also “fresh at your table” through this small company specialized in Mallorcan products.


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