Founded in September 2005, Inter High offers secondary school education on the internet. Lessons are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers to students in a virtual classroom. The Classroom is split into three areas:

Voice – a list of students present appears in this area, they can hear the teacher talking, explaining the lesson and can ask or answer questions using a headset microphone.

Work Area – the teachers use this area to show slides, presentations, use a whiteboard and take students on shared visits to educational websites.

Text Area – teachers and students can communicate using this text area.

Pupils log on for 2/3 hours of on line tuition in the morning. For the rest of the day the pupils can organise themselves but there will be work set each morning in the lesson to be completed and submitted to their teacher. This enables pupils and families to have the flexibility to be involved in any form of extra curricular activity they choose.

Teachers are asked to make the lessons as fun as possible, there is no reason why learning can not be fun.

If students are unable to attend a lesson for any reason a lesson library is available with a store of past lessons which can be accessed at any time for reference or revision.

Discussion boards are used to develop topics and ideas.

A weekly interactive common room is provided for extra curricular discussions and to prepare for school shows. Inter High school has performed two internet plays and a talent show live on the internet to invited friends and family.

Pupils study topics based around the English National Curriculum in KS3 and in years 10, 11 work towards International GCSEs in Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, French and Spanish.

Students are provided with Inter High Email accounts for communications.

Inter High have developed our own internet community group (similar but better than ‘Bebo’ Myspace’ etc) called ‘My Interhigh’ where students can create their own website (with pictures, video clips etc), browsing other peoples websites, rating their sites, making friends, leaving comments, joining groups, creating your own groups, emailing all users, emailing your friends, going on the forum, etc

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