Philip Magee, Irish born photographer from Dublin, began his trajectory in the world of photography at the camera club of his secondary school, where lessons were learned through experimentation and trial and error. On leaving school, he continued to develop his eye on a more professional level at Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design in Dublin. After graduating, Magee worked as a freelance photographer in Ireland taking pictures of everything from weddings to political events. Magee arrived in Malaga 12 years ago shooting black and white film. With the dawn of the digital age, Magee switched immediately from film to a digital camera. In Malaga, he has continued to develop his own personal style. He is a member of a photographic blog called as well as a member of the Andalusia International Artists group – with whom he exhibits in and around Andalusia.

Philip Magee’s work spans his 12 year uninterrupted stay in Malaga creating an impressive archive of Malagueño life. Magee has thousands of images of the city and especially of the typical traditions and fiestas such as the Semana Santa and the summer Feria. However, what stands out most from his work is not only the typical scenes of these events but what is happening around them-how people interact, behave and really feel the moment.
Passionate about photography and Malaga, Magee never leaves home without his camera, always ready to capture another unique Malaga moment. Unfortunately, this 12 year old habit took a very sad and unfortunate turn recently. On Friday 4th August, while walking home in the early hours of the morning, Magee was attacked and left unconscious on the street. When he regained consciousness, he realized that apart from being beaten up, his attackers had stolen his beloved camera, his wallet, his mobile phone and even his glasses.

Phil’s friends, shocked at the news, decided to organize an event to raise funds in order for Phil to be able to replace his camera. One of Phil’s closest friends, Giuseppe Zanin, owner of the bar El Compas en Calle Compás de la Victoria, 42 (opposite la Iglesia de la Victoria) has offered his restaurant to hold a fund-raising exhibition of Magee’s photography. This public event will take place on Saturday 25th August starting at 8.30 p.m. – midnight. Works will include prints and originals by Philip Magee ranging in price from 20€ to 160€. For more information about the event, or to make a donation please call Kay Farrell: 606 978 513