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Tourists go on holiday to Spain for varying reasons; usually it is for a beach side holiday with family and friends.

But Spain is also extremely popular for specialty hobby sports such as, golf, cycling and perhaps rather surprisingly, fishing. A fishing holiday in Spain, especially carp fishing or cat fishing on the River Ebro, can be an amazing experience for anglers of any ability.

Away from the coastal resorts, some 100km inland lays one of the premier carp fishing and cat fishing venues in Europe, where anglers from all over the world go for the opportunity to catch an elusive 60lb carp, or 200lb+ cat fish. That venue is Caspe on the River Ebro.

The River Ebro meanders some 928 km through Aragon and Catalonia, from its source in Fontibre before discharging into the Mediterranean Sea near the town of Amposta. The traditional Spanish town of Caspe, lies, on the banks of the Ebro some 100km east of its provincial capital Zaragoza, and is the mecca for anglers wishing to go to Spain for a fishing holiday.

When planning a fishing trip to the River Ebro in Spain, it is advisable to book with a specialist fishing holiday company, so that you can maximize your opportunities during your stay.

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Local guides know exactly the right areas to fish, depending on the time of year, weather and water levels, and are really indispensable no matter if you are a novice angler or a full on fisherman! More details here

In and around Caspe, you will find reputable, experienced fishing guides who will share with you their extensive knowledge of the surrounding areas such as Escatron, Chiprana, Mequinenza, Flix and Riba Roja they will do all they can to help you catch the fish of a lifetime.

You can also arrange to take a trip to more secluded swims near the River Segre, the River Guadeloupe and the River Matarranya if you want to try for other species of fish, such as Roach, Rudd, Perch, Black Bass and Zander.

There really is no feeling compared to your full reel screaming off, with the possibility of a huge 100lb+ cat fish on the other end. The carp fight like crazy too and after a long sunny day on the banks of the River Ebro, having beaten your personal best, you will definitely be glad of a nice cool beer in a shady square where you can discuss your very own catch of the day!

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