Playa de la Granadella

Javea is often considered a hidden pearl tucked the northern end of the Costa Blanca in Spain. The traditional Spanish village life in the vibrant town of Javea mixes perfectly with the modern tourist resort. On its gorgeous, sandy beaches, locals and visitors alike enjoy the sunshine in tranquility whilst surrounded by the renowned natural beauty of the area.

Javea Vacation provides you all the tips, hints and tricks you need to plan a perfect holiday in Javea for you and your family. We guide you to the best local restaurants, we point out the sights that should not be missed and advise you about all the local cultural events. We will help you with specialist introductions to Grenadella cove, diving in Javea, local sports, the Montgo national park and many more aspects of Javea life that every tourist in should know about.

Sandy Beaches, Sunshine & The Beauty Of Nature

The sandy beaches of the Javea Arenal, the family-friendly bay and the vibrant nightlife are obviously some of Javea’s main attractions, but if you explore a bit further you can get so much more from your vacation experience in Spain. Javea Vacation takes you on a guided tour featuring crazy Spanish fiestas, bull-running, exploring ancient cave paintings and enjoying unparalleled views from Cabo De La Nao, Montgo or the Grenadella Castle.

On days away from the beach you will have literally hundreds of interesting activities to participate in and places of beauty or historical significance to visit. Old castles are scattered on mountain tops with wonderful sea-views, restaurants hang off the sides of steep mountain walls overlooking secret little beaches seemingly undiscovered by mankind.

It’s all there – just waiting to be found and explored.

Javea: A Family-Friendly Holiday Resort

Fancying a summer holiday with the family in Spain? Javea is the perfect destination for you with its cocktail of beaches drenched in sunshine, pleasant seaside restaurants and its multiple activities for all ages. At Javea Vacation we give you recommendations to help you select the absolute best-value Javea rental villas or apartment holiday lets near the beach to ensure that you have the perfect base for a wonderful break in the Costa Blanca’s most beautiful location.

Craving some sunshine, but don’t speak Spanish? Don’t worry! Javea is a melting pot of different nationalities with around 50% being Spanish and the rest a mixture of English expats, Germans, Russians, South Americans and even a single Dane. English will work perfectly well for you round the Arenal beach and the other tourist areas. If you decide to go exploring more traditional Spanish parts of town and participate in its events, it is useful to bring a tourist phrase-book giving you the most basic Spanish terms. Never be afraid though; the atmosphere of Javea is charming and welcoming. Yes, the people will go out of their way to communicate with you pleasantly, even if your Spanish is non-existent.

A few main benefits of Javea as a holiday destination:
Family-Friendly, Sandy Beaches
Spanish Fiestas & Cultural Events
Charming Town with a Welcoming Atmosphere
Excellent Diving Locations
National Parks and Viewing Point of Unseen Beauty
Vibrant Nightlife and Clubbing
Numerous Bars and Restaurants to suit all Tastes

Don’t wait around. The time is now to book your holiday in Javea. You will love it!

As a point of clarification. In castellano (“Spanish”) the town is officially known as Jávea, although you will often see it spelled as Javea. In the local language (valencià) it is known as Xàbia. It’s the same place – twice as good!

A Seafront Bar for a Relaxing Drink