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CD Torrevieja 2014/2015
CD Torrevieja 2014/2015

FC Torrevieja Sponsors

Torry have prepared for the 2015/16 season by signing the stars who won the player of the year awards at the end of the previous term – Oscar (club), Vicente (fans) and Jorge (Torry Army) all back to have another serious attack on promotion to 2B, after failing by 5 points in May. Manager Pedreño has stayed put with his backroom staff.

Off the pitch, the club was smarting from being let down at the last minute by a promised shirt sponsor last time round, so this term elected to revitalise the 200 Club. This scheme offered companies the chance to have their name and logo on both home and away kits for an entry fee of €200. In addition, these participating businesses received 2 season tickets to use, give to friends, use in a competition or raffle off to their customers and maybe even recoup their outlay, in effect giving them a “free” stab at this prestigious prize.

The draw takes place, with all participants invited, in front of TV Torrevieja, the local Spanish and English press as well as representatives from local radio stations at the ground on 20 August. This allows sufficient time to get the necessary winner’s name and logo on the strips for the first league game at the end of the month. They can all see every entry be read aloud and placed in the “hat”. Then an independent dignitary shall be asked to put their hand in the hat and draw out the lucky winner – who hopefully will be on hand to enjoy the moment and get the ball rolling!

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