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The Challenge

Is this for you? Are you ready for a challenge?

The #1, 90 day weight loss and fitness challenge in North America ViSalus is coming to Europe!

Do you want to commit?

Some key facts:

  • 2nd largest weight loss Company in America behind Weight Watchers and catching fast.
  • Did a Billion dollars in a 3 year time frame.
  • $500,000,000 a year turnover and 5.5 million people have now taken the challenge.
  • In America, 20,000 BMW qualifiers making around £1,000 a month.
  • Created 800 six figure earners and 52 millionaires all in the last 4 years, these figures will be duplicated in Europe.
  • Created marketing methods that were mainstream, normal and comfortable for the average person which made it go viral.
  • They avoided selling a product or opportunity which is not normal or comfortable for the average person.
  • Getting someone to take the challenge is like going to the gym and getting someone to work out with you.
  • ViSalus is about to open up 4 to 8 European countries in the next 24 months. They only enter a country to be the #1 dominant players in that country.
  • Their next $500,000,000 a year will come out of the UK and Europe.
  • In the UK:
  • They are past the 90 day bugging period, All infrastructure in now in place and running.
  • 50,000 people have taken the challenge

Partner with with myself and European Leaders Steve & Yvette Mitchell

At this stage of Team-Launch in UK and Europe, we are interested in having private discussions with professional Full-time or Successful Networkers (either you are now or have been previously), who are based in the UK and other European countries, as well as USA, Canada & Jamaica. We have the opportunity to position people in very key positions, as this ‘giant’ of a company starts to go global! Contact me personally (all my details are below) – your confidentiality will be fully respected – and I can update you and give you a SPECIAL LINK to key information that you will find very exciting! (Note: This information is ONLY for pro networkers with experience)

Contact us & we’ll tell you more!