The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias

This is the insider’s guide to Lanzarote’s most famous and largest resort, Puerto del Carmen, with additional information about the municipality of Tias. If you are planning a holiday based in Puerto del Carmen, then this is the essential guidebook that will help you and your family get the best from your stay in sunny Lanzarote. It’s an amalgamation of 5 years worth of writing on our Lanzarote Information website, which is acknowledged as the number one English language resource for the island. We’ve selected the relevant articles and amended them to be suitable as a guidebook.

It covers:

Facts and figures about the area
The weather you should expect
The towns and villages of the municipality
Things to do
Where to eat and drink
Walks in the area
What to do and who to contact in an emergency

The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias is a book you’ll get plenty of benefit from – it’s over 20,000 words and 99 pages long and is available in both E Book and paperback formats.

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Tías, a town located in south central Lanzarote, is one of the principal tourist centres on the island. As well as the lure of the picturesque villages of the interior, immersed in a matchless volcanic landscape, there are excellent tourist facilities available along the coast. More than six kilometres of coastline where long stretches of sand follow one another, such as Playa Grande, Matagorda and Los Pocillos. Puerto del Carmen is the biggest coastal enclave of Tías. There is an outstanding variety of leisure and tourism on offer, which includes a great many restaurants and shops, as well as a marina where you can do all kinds of water sports or take boat trips. And in any of the sunny outdoor restaurants facing the sea you can try some of the specialties which make up the tasty Lanzarote cuisine.

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