Useful Spanish Phrases To Secure The Perfect Home

Securing a perfect place to call home will be the number one objective for people who want to live in an Hispanic country for a period of time. Whether you’re going to be renting your home or buying the property, let’s have a selection of valuable Spanish phrases to help you obtain a dream place you can call home and immerse yourself in the fabulous Hispanic lifestyle!

Ok, first of all, you’re going to need to locate un agente de la propiedad inmobiliaria and ask them for details about the sorts of properties you’re interested in. Just say this helpful Spanish phrase:

Hola, me gustaría que diese información sobre los pisos/las casas en venta/alquiler – I’d like to have some information about apartments/houses to buy/to rent

More often than not, you’re going to be asked:

¿Qué busca usted? or: ¿Busca usted algo en particular?

Reply with the sort of property you’re interested in, por ejemplo:

Estaba buscando un piso/ático/una casa con al menos dos/tres habitaciones una de ellas de matrimonio, y con terraza o balcón – I’m interested in an apartment/a studio/a house containing no less than 2/3 bedrooms with one of them a double-room and with a terrace or balcony

Other key words you can include here are: A estenar – brand new, amueblado – furnished, con un ascensor – with a lift (and I make a point of always asking this if the piso is on the fourth floor or higher) and bien situado – good location. You could possibly furthermore come across this as bien comunicado in some agencies.

If they have a place that interests you and you’d like more details, merely ask:

¿Puede darme un folleto informativo? – Can you give me a brochure?

One thing that can cause confusion for non-native speakers regards the usage of two terms for the word “deposit”: Una entrada and Una fianza.

I think an example will describe this clearly:

¿Cuánto es la fianza del alquiler y cuál es la duración del contrato? – How much is the rent deposit and how long is the duration of the contract?

Para firmar las escrituras de la casa, es necesario dar una entrada del 20% y tener un aval bancario – In order to sign the deeds of the house, you are required to pay a 20% deposit and to possess a bank guarantee.

A pair of extra helpful Spanish phrases there: un aval bancario, a bank guarantee and las escrituras, the deeds. Let’s have several more really useful Spanish phrases you’re sure to come upon:

Soleados y amplios – Sunny and spacious. You’re bound to encounter this phrase even if the flat is too small for a mouse to live in!

Tiene humedades – If you see this be on your guard because your dream place has damp!

Calefacción general – If you’re looking for a flat, you need to be aware of this. This indicates that there is just one boiler servicing the whole building and it cannot be regulated by the tenants, all of whom will pay a share of the heating costs. A sensible move is to make certain the apartment has calefacción individual, so the heating remains under your control and you only pay for what you use.

To conclude, one more term in Spanish to be aware of as it can also confuse non-native speakers. When it comes to arranging payments for your new place, you’re very likely to encounter this on the agreement:

Se puede pagar por transferencia bancaria o solamente mediante talón

I’m certain you’ve got most of that Spanish phrase easily translated until you saw, talón which is the Spanish word for heel. This is where things become confusing! Paying by heel – what does that signify? Let’s end the confusion because it just denotes that you can make payments with checks, another canny useful Spanish expression to introduce to your ever-increasing Spanish vocabulary.