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Hostal Marbella, Fuengirola
Hostal Marbella, Fuengirola

Hi everyone,

Guess what? Yup, I’m unofficially crazy… Not only am I back from a gruelling 3200 km walking, I’m also now rested and living on an adrenalin high – nothing can bring me down from this, I’m pumped, I’m excited about life, I’m motivated, and I have so much energy I can’t believe it. Also I’m Rondeño, yup, here to stay for life I think.

So, what am I upto? Well, I’m going to start my training again in July for a HUGE world record attempt, 120 km per day walking, but the details are still under wraps. Yes, I am now also officially an ultra-athlete having covered distances greater than 42km per day for an extended period. At 40 years old I’m pretty happy with that.

Also, and this is where I need your help, even if you aren’t in Ronda. I’m organizing a world record attempt for the most number of dancers doing the sevillana in Ronda on the 3rd September 2011, I need more than 1300 dancers. SO, start learning the sevillana!!!

You might ask, why am I doing this? It’s simple, Spain is in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the civil war, and things aren’t looking bright. I’m doing this because I’m a motivator, and it’s amazing how many people in Ronda are starting to smile again when I tell them my dreams. This record attempt is for Ronda, to make our wonderful city feel good about itself. If you live in or near Ronda, please tell all your friends about me and ask them to email me or friend me in facebook – the time for grievances or worrying about what your competitors are doing is over – NOW WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO FIX THE MESS. Please join me, I can do this alone, but it will be so much more enjoyable if you’re with me.

Lots of love, Andy