TIBA – The International Business Association.

2002 – 2012. Celebrating 10 years of supporting businesses and providing quality services from it’s members to the public.

In April of this year, TIBA will be celebrating 10 years as one of the Costa Blanca’s main and possibly longest-running business groups

Many people still ask however ?
What IS TIBA and what does it do ?…well….the answer is very simple:

TIBA works in 2 ways:


TIBA provide networking opportunities and support to legally registered, professional businesses and business owners.
This involves:
Checking that a business is registered to legally trade in their chosen sector
Businesses being voted into the group at a weekly meeting
Providing a wealth of knowledge and experience between all business owners
Offering professional services to the public, secure in the knowledge that they adhere to the self regulated code of conduct and are accountable for services provided.


Ensuring professional services to the public and a place for business owners to be accountable.
This involves:
Being a point of reference, should you be dissatisfied with a members services
Quality Assured Services from TIBA members
That all businesses under the TIBA banner are legally registered
Reassurance that your chosen service or product has been provided by someone who takes pride in what they do

TIBA members want your return business.
That is why all members agree to provide their services based on the TIBA code of conduct. Our members volunteer to adhere to this, because they want you, the service purchasers to feel secure that you are receiving quality services and products.
Our members services cover a wide spectrum of the business world and include:
Business to Public Services
Business to Business Services.

Whatever you are looking for, there is bound to be a TIBA member providing it for you.

In today’s current financial and employment situation, we could all really benefit from a little support or helping hand.
If that is merely being able to share your thoughts with other business people, bounce ideas around or get some reassurance that you are on the right track, then make TIBA your first stop.

TIBA are an inclusive business group and welcome all businesses from all sectors and there is no limit on the amount of businesses in any particular sector. Our only stipulation is that you are legally registered.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or are just starting out, the members of TIBA will offer you a warm welcome and great support network, as well as regular Social occasions (we all need to let our hair down occasionally, even those of us with none).

In the Community.

TIBA are proud to support local Charities and offer help in various ways via donations, charitable events and fun days, raising funds for those who need it most.

Visit: www.tibacb.com for more information on our association and a full list of our members and their business sectors