Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

If you were asked to name the biggest event in Barcelona with respect to the number of visits that it attracts to the city, then Mobile World Congress would certainly be your answer. The event dates back to 1987, but it first took place in Barcelona in 2006 where it will continue to be held until at least 2018.

What is Mobile World Congress?

Around 72,000 people from all over the world come to the city in what is the largest and most relevant mobile technology industry event in the world. Think about it as being like CES, but specifically for mobile. Each year, companies flock to the Mobile World Congress to make big announcements about upcoming products, scout for networking opportunities, learn about the newest technologies, and in general try to speed up the progression of the mobile technology sector.

When does Mobile World Congress take place?

The event takes place each year towards end of February, so if your trip to Barcelona overlaps with this date, then you’ll want to book in advance as many businesses already have their accommodation reserved for these dates, pushing prices up on already premium-priced dates.

Where is it held?


The congress is held in the Fira de Gran Via, a massive venue with around 240,000 sq m of space that boasts 45 restaurants, and has not one, but two helipads… Just in case. It used to take place in the Fira de Montjuïc, but it outgrew the venue by 2013.

Who is is for?

Mobile World Congress is mainly aimed at professionals in the industry and press, however even enthusiasts may attend. The kind of companies that attend start from small businesses up to massive global names like AMD, ALCATEL, IBM, Vodafone, AT&T, Google, and Microsoft.

How much does it cost?

Visitor passes aren’t cheap and prices increase each year. During 2014, €749 lands you the least expensive Bronze option, which allows you to visit the event. For €2199, Silver grants access to keynotes and conferences, as well as the awards ceremony. Gold, at €2699, will give VIP access and a copy of the Wireless Intelligence Report. Finally Platinum costs €4,999 and provides direct face to face networking opportunities with the biggest names in the industry.

Author: Harriet Freeman is an expat located in Barcelona who writes for a number of blogs about travel and Spain.