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International Expats Club

International Expats Club. We make life more interesting when you move abroad, or if you are considering it.

Expats are those of us who have moved away from our home countries to live our lives in a foreign place. Maybe we moved for good or for a period of time, maybe we work or retired, maybe we run a local business. However we have one thing in common, we want to meet like-minded international people and become a part of the community we live in. This is where our club memberships and sponsorship come into play and create connections, new friends and values hard to create yourself.

Private Member

As a Private Member in one of our local clubs you will get your local newsletter, invitations to local events and great offers from local businesses. You will also be included in the local group where you can connect with and communicate in our closed social network with other members living in the same place as you. You can keep yourself updated with local job offers, the local real estate and rental market and also enter different discussion groups according to your interests. To become a private member is free of charge, just click here and sign in for free.

Business Member

If you are a business owner you can combine your Business Member with our various means of marketing yourself towards your potential local clients. The business membership has a small yearly fee of 99€, but the value far exceeds the cost. Included is all the Private Member benefits, but also the right to use our social media platforms for commercial posts with your offers every week. Apart from that you get access to our other marketing packages through our membership platform, our newsletters and our homepage listings. Click here and register as a business member.

Club Sponsor

As a company Sponsor to the club you will apart from the benefits in the Business Membership have your logo on our homepage listing in your local club, you will have your logo on our newsletter and you can make marketing campaigns inside our membership platform with discount vouchers for the members to use. We are currently running a campaign where you pay only 295€ for this extensive marketing package. You can download the PDF presentation of our Sponsor Package here.

We who run the International Expats Club are a team of expats from Sweden, Spain and the UK with many years experience of media, membership clubs and living abroad. We hope you will enjoy your membership. Contact us with feedback and questions here.

Welcome as Private Member, Business Member or Sponsor!

List of Local Clubs:




Los Angeles
New York
Hong Kong

Read more about the club on www.internationalexpatsclub.com and don’t miss registering as a Private Member for free here