QR – the interactive magazine – launches into Torrevieja!

Have you ever picked up a magazine or newspaper in Spain, flicked through and seen a tempting restaurant ad, only to find it’s a 3 hour drive away? Or seen a shop that has no address or phone number? Have you ever seen an ad then lost the publication, without having written down the details?

QR has been developed to deal with these customer scenarios – and much more!
We publish 5000, high quality A5 monthly magazines, distributed from Santa Pola to San Javier
This ensures that every advert is relevant to the reader and NO BUSINESS IS MORE THAN AN HOUR AWAY from the customer.

It’s local ad solutions in print!
But we don’t stop there…

Advertising is changing. The dominance of smartphones & apps in recent years means there are now fantastic opportunities for local business to directly reach their customer base.
EVERY QR advert comes with its own unique QR code & mobile site – that means your customers can interact immediately straight from the page.

It’s local ad solutions on mobile!
But we don’t stop there either…

QR offers the BEST VALUE ad package around. With Social Media promotion, paid Facebook advertising for your listing ONLY, directory marketing, e-magazines, search optimisation, FREE e-commerce shops with QR – we provide you with the latest platforms necessary to achieve a total online & physical presence for your business.

It’s local ad solutions online!

QR is “total advertising” for every type of business, any size. Whether you have an established ad & web presence or want to build one from scratch, QR is the perfect solution – at a price ANY business can afford…

So what makes QR a different read?

We’re called “the interactive magazine” but what does that mean?

Every article is available to read online & in any language
Music Features can be scanned & tracks listened to directly
Film & TV reviews open up the trailer for you to watch live
Our fashion articles open image galleries.
Our recipes can be stored on your phone
Products can be ordered straight from the page.
and much more…

How? We’re QR – “the interactive magazine”. Just scan the QR codes dotted around the mag & open up a whole new level of access.

Combine this with iPad newsstand publications, advertiser prize draws, local artist & entrepreneur features – as well as the regular content crafted by actual journalists (yes believe it or not!), you’ll agree QR is the future of local magazine marketing.


Our first issue is out on April 3rd – so be sure to pick up your local copy…