Torrevieja’s working budget of €95,692,202

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, has called the 2012 budget “the most social and supportive of the history of the city” as he presented a general draft budget for the City, which amounts to for their Statement of Income and Expenses to €95,692,202, or about €925 per citizen. In doing so last week, the City Council of Torrevieja became one of the first municipalities in Spain to present a draft of their general budget for 2012.

All opposition political groups now have the General Budget of the City, which will discussed and finally adopted in the near future. The Budgets have been qualified by the Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, and the Councillor of Finance, Joaquín Albaladejo, as both social and supportive, containing spending, not raising taxes for the citizens of Torrevieja and in support of the disadvantaged families in the city. In addition to the General Budget of the City, they also presented the 2012 draft budget of the Municipal Institute of Culture “Joaquin Chapaprieta”, which amounts in the Statement of Income and Expenditure to €1,631,389 plus the draft budget of the Municipal Habanera and Polyphony, amounting to €1,141,721.

Eduardo Dolon highlighted that in the budget of 2012, that 33% of it (€29,129,963) is allocated to personnel costs, ensuring the commitment to each and every one of the workers council, which unlike some others, they are assured of their payroll and their jobs. Also, over 40% (€39,020,801) of budget expenditures represent current goods and services, with real estate investments of €7,445,444. The mayor stressed that, as has happened in recent years, the Municipality of Torrevieja has brought down the Property Tax (IBI) for the coming year 2012, reducing the IBI tax rate, resulting in a rate of 0’462%, one of the lowest in Spain.

Dolon also criticized the continuing discrimination by the Government of Spain towards the city of Torrevieja, as the transfers made to the City Council in 2012 only amounts to 12% of the total budget, when generally, as according to statements from the Socialist PSOE Government’s own secretary of State for Finance, Gaspar Zarrías, the minimum that the state must transfer a large city population is 20%! Torrevieja is also a tourist town that must provide services to its residents and thousands of tourists who annually visit the city. In contrast to the socialist government, increased transfers from the Generalitat Valenciana. Eduardo Dolon has stressed its commitment to the City Attorney Economic Plan for Jobs, by which the City will not increase the tax burden on citizens, reclaim taxes and fees that encourage job creation, double transfers for the creation and generation of Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops, etc..

The Mayor also announced that 2012 budgets have kept all the social benefits available to the City Council as well as new aid to be framed in Educational Innovation Plan, which includes grants for lunches, materials and help for AMPAS Torrevieja. This year the City Council budget has been submitted for approval at its next plenary session in real time to local groups of the opposition, the media, the city of Torrevieja and the world can view the Budget plan on

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