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Reach Out

Reach Out receives support to continue their selfless work

Torrevieja’s mayor, José Manuel Dolon, and the Councillor for NGO’s, Carmen Morate, visited Reach Out Charity last week to find out more about the organisation and to congratulate them for their “great social work and humanitarian developing with homeless in Torrevieja and families experiencing need.” Mayor Dolon took their bank account details with the intension to deposit 1.370.25€ of his last salary directly to them and Morate presented them with 550€ from the collection at the International carol concert held in December in the Plaza de la Constitution.

Both amounts were gratefully received by the board’s president Elizabeth Thompson, who explained to them the way the NGO works and what are the most important needs that they have to carry out to be able to work more efficiently. One of the most important points which they referred to is the need to recognize that there are many homeless people in Torrevieja, people who for various circumstances of life need a place in which to take a shower, eat breakfast and lunch, change clothes and especially “feel well cared for and useful to others.”

Mayor Dolon agreed with Thompson in that he considers it important that: “the only way to deal with the problems is to see them head on. It makes no sense to hide and pretend they do not exist,” said Dolon. Reach out noted that they help some 103 homeless people on a daily basis. They are serving an average of 40 people at breakfast and lunch. The social dining that they have available is open Monday to Saturday, and they usually deliver food to these people so that they can also make a meal on Sunday along with having toiletries and necessities.

The Charity is located on the edge of the Friday Market, close to the Cuba School district, where the NGO has a charity shop, which can target those who wish to donate or buy used clothing or furniture. The facility also serves as a pantry for products that they receive for their Food Bank, plus a couple of showers, the offices of the association and a small meeting and eating area that can be accessed with a point system for families in need. The mayor promised to deal with the issue of building a ramp to help with the loading and unloading of goods and furniture in the vicinity of the association, that is a major source of revenue to the NGO.

Reach Out also serves about 30 families, working in coordination with other organizations in the city and its members perform advisory work and support to social services when necessary. Thompson thanked Mayor Dolon and Councillor Morate for visiting them and explained their plans for the need for greater visibility to help them increase the number of volunteers, both domestic and foreign, willing to work unselfishly with others.

The Reach Out Mission statement: We try to help anyone in need, irrespective of race, creed or status, by providing basic food, clothes, blankets/linen, household items and furniture. By giving support in every way we can to someone in need. We are an entirely voluntary organisation and 100% of all your donations will benefit the homeless and poor. We sell anything that is donated to us to raise money to feed the families registered with us and the homeless. Furniture, white goods and other electrical items are given to registered families as needed and available.

Our shops have a great variety of clothes and bricabrac at very reasonable prices. We have recently extended the shop and now have a lot more space so we have a lot more to sell. If you are looking for furniture, electrical or household items, come and see us, or contact us, we might just have what you need. We have two shops: Calle Bella Antonia 1, Local 4, open on Mondays – Fridays from 10:00am until 2:00pm includes quality pre-owned furniture at very reasonable prices and at Calle Doña Sinforosa 8, open Monday, to Thursday 10:00am until 2.00pm.

Contact their Helpers for more information: John 688 238 878 or Davy 698 499 226 or