Sohail Castle by Ros Griffiths
Sohail Castle by Ros Griffiths

Fuengirola Revisited


I moved to Fuengirola from the UK at the end of 2008. Having made a pretty thorough investigation of the areas on the coast between Malaga and Marbella, I found that, not only is this vibrant town more or less midway between the two therefore a perfect place to commute to workplaces, but it also boasts almost every facility and amenity needed.

I still love the place but, in spite of having the fantastic Miramar Shopping Centre and a well-­populated high street, I DO sometimes miss the familiar fashion shops I used to frequent in the UK. With that in mind and because I love working online, I decided that the closest I could get would be to start building a collection of websites in particular categories which would showcase products from stores across the UK. For starters is to satisfy half of my passion for shoes and handbags. The great thing about bags is that you don’t have to try them on so they’re ideal to order on the internet. Until I created this project, I thought I knew every brand of ladies handbag but have found tons more!

It’s also surprising how many of the great British stores on this site now deliver to Spain and the number is steadily increasing. I plan to start investigating a shoes website next ­ you can never have too many can you?

Is there anything that you miss about Blighty?