The personal and professional development field has blossomed in the past thirty years, when I started it was thought to be “way out” or “brain washing”. But from the humble beginning of a three day course my life´s passion had been ignited, personal potential and helping people achieve, be, do and have more than they ever thought. Throughout these decades my own development has continued to become an author, mentor, public speaker, consultant and trainer.

I am Linda Sage and I have worked in development spheres from Executive Directors to the Homeless, Government Departments to Young Offenders. But the same principles affect us all, our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Changing the way we believe “the truth” to be, opens up many new horizons, for things to change around us, we have to change inside first of all. I help people become their best asset, enhance their lives to achieve their goals. Commercially I increase personal effectiveness, productivity, less sick days, less stress and more profit.

My new book Personal Coaching for Change is a mini course, but very powerful for you to look at where your beliefs have come from and whether they are in your own best interest. Set goals, enhance your comfort zones, increase your self esteem and efficacy. In all, be the best you can be for yourself. You cannot do this for somebody else, personal choice, accountability and responsibility none of us are victims unless we want to be.

This book will make you look at yourself in a new way, will get you to question your views and beliefs, make you think about how your beliefs affect your emotions and how your behaviour reflects that. You are never too old or too young to make changes. There is much more information on my website and we are also looking for writers, if you can write a chapter on an event in your life to help others through challenges then I would love to hear from you by email