Mallorca Day Three

Day THREE By @mcleod_vicki


Well, you spent a bit of yesterday on a driving tour of Mallorca, so maybe it is time to get some exercise.


Firstly this depends on the weather, if it looks like it’s going to be hot day then you need to get up and get moving early. But Springtime is a good time to do this walk. So have a look at my list of markets and perhaps stop off and pick up a few souvenirs or a couple of snacks (my family recommends bunyols which are a kind of handmade deep fried doughnut with sweet potato as one of the ingredients, they are made in many markets, you buy them by weight. Start with a quarter kilo, as no one said they were health food even though they have “boniato” in them).

Then you need to get on your way to Alaro for the day’s main event: a nice walk. You have to follow signs up to the Castell of Alaro, and when you reach Restaurant Es Verger stop and park. Then get your boots on and walk up, up, up and up. It will take you about an hour, or so. And it is steep, take a walking pole for the way back down to keep your footing. In fact there are some important things to keep in mind when you walk in Mallorca, so please take a look at my blog (@MallorcaStories) as there are some important tips there for you to bear in mind.


Once you are at the top you could either turn round and go straight back down again, or stop for some pa’amb’oli (country bread rubbed with garlic and ramellet tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil, normally served with slices of cheese and ham) and a glass of red at the hostel. You can also stay at the hostel overnight, which I have done, and it is wonderful, but not quite as comfy as the Hotel Residencia. Take a look at the views. They are spectacular, make sure you visit the little chapel as well. You might want to consider how they get supplies up to the hostel, you will see their form of transport hanging out in a field beside the building: yes, they use donkeys as there’s no vehicle access up there.Then it’s time to go down. Get yourself back to Restaurant Es Verger and order the lamb. Don’t bother with anything else, and if you’re a veggie, this restaurant is not for you unless you are okay with more cheese pa’amb’oli. Es Verger is known as “THE lamb restaurant” as far as many people are concerned, there isn’t any other place.

Then you’re done, get yourself back to Deia and relax. I can let you go safe in the knowledge that Mallorca has had its moment in the limelight, and bon voyage! There are so many beautiful places to visit in Mallorca, you can follow us on Facebook here if you would like to keep in touch or on Twitter .