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Translation Services

Jensen Localization is a translation company founded in 2000 and with offices in Denmark, The Netherlands and Spain.

Translation is essential both for individuals and businesses:

If you are moving to a new country and want to have a permanent residence, you will need to translate some official documents and present them to the local authorities. For that, you will need sworn translations that can only be done by official translators.

If you are making business with other countries, you will need to translate contracts, brochures, product documentation, web sites, and even adapt your product to the local culture. That is known as localization and is done by translators who are subject matter experts.

If you are living in an area where there are many foreign residents, you will be losing sales by not approaching them in their own language, and the customer may just go to your competitors next door, because they are providing them with products and information in their language.

At Jensen Localization we work in a variety of industries, ranging from Real Estate and Law, to Tourism, Health Care or IT, to name a few, providing translations into any language, mainly European ones and Russian.

Besides, as a technology-driven company, we have a line of IT services for companies doing in-house translations that will help them to create their multilingual documents in a fast and efficient way. Especially for Real Estate professionals, lawyers and property administrators handling multilingual communities of owners, we have a system that will help them to work more efficiently at a very affordable price.

If you want to learn more about how languages, localization and translation can help you to make better business in Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands or any other country, or if you are relocating to those countries and need help to bridge the language gap, feel free to contact us:

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