Torrevieja’s school term is about to resume and along with local sporting opportunities, new art, dance and drama courses are now open for registration until September 25th. Municipal Schools of Photography, Painting, Oriental Dance and Tai chi chuan, will all begin at the beginning of October for all ages from 6 upwards. Please note that, unsurprisingly, classes are all taught in Spanish.

There are a total of 50 places on offer at the Municipal School of Photography; 33 places at Basic level, 10 for Advanced and 7 places at Superior, with this year’s theme being “Landscapes of Torrevieja”. The Municipal School of Eastern Dance has 200 places with morning and evening classes and for those wishing to improve their minds and bodies, classes in Tai chi chuan, Relaxation, Health and Longevity, have 40 places in the evening and 30 available for early risers.

There are over 250 places on offer at the Municipal Painting School, split into 13 groups. There will be 5 groups destined to children between the age of 6 and 11 years, 2 groups for young people and 6 groups for adults. Each course can hold 25 students, taught by professors Mar Garcia, Manuel Balaguer and Maria Garcia. This is a very special year for the Municipal Painting School as they are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Raul Ferrández, director of School Municipal of Theater, announced that their next courses will celebrate the 15th anniversary of School and they are hoping to attract 110 students, distributed in 10 groups, although this year numbers could be increased, since they don’t have a limit on the amount of students. More information is available from the Virgin del Carmen Cultural Centre.

Information provided by Keith Nicol Please contact him for further information. © Keith Nicol 2011