The Association of Families and People with Cancer Torrevieja (AFECÁNCER)

TORREVIEJA OPENED its doors to its own cancer charity ‘Afecáncer’ on Friday evening, November 30. The Asociación de Familiares y Enfermos de Cáncer de Torrevieja (AFECÁNCER) or The Association of Families and People with Cancer Torrevieja, is an organisation formed by people who have had a direct relationship to the disease of cancer and who want to invest their efforts in helping sufferers and their families. Their new premises is at the top of Calle Gosálvez Clemente, in Torrevieja and the office was officially opened by Torrevieja’s Mayor Eduardo Dolon along with Miguel Sánchez Barredo, Vocal of Afecáncer*

AFECÁNCER’s mission is to be a non-profit, independent organization whose purpose is to defend the rights of people with cancer and their families and provide the means to improve their quality of life. Their priorities are based around providing information, social awareness, and to provide services and programs to heighten awareness. Their intention is that 100% of every euro donated ends up being used directly to fund programs that have to do with improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their families, as well as actions aimed at the prevention and early detection of Disease, such as cancer scanning, tests and mammograms.

The organisation formed during the summer 2012, with the major aim that all money raised in Torrevieja should be used locally to help those most in need. As a new association they are raising funds through membership fees, sale of Christmas lottery tickets, charity donations and cultural plus sporting events. If you require assistance, advice or would like to become involved as a volunteer or fundraiser, they can be contacted by telephone: 96 507 43 75 or mobile 655 821 723, with more information available on their website.

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