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Andalucian Geeks

1.geek /gēk/

Noun: A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: “a computer geek”.

Computer security and internet safety are paramount in current times, only too often we see valuable equipment ruined or needing expensive repairs because people don’t have the correct security on their home computers. Everything is stored on our computers these days from bank account details to family photos and the majority of us would be devastated to lose these or let them get into the wrong hands. Anyone can buy a computer but not all of us know how to use and maintain these pieces of equipment which can end up being very costly if not done correctly.
We are happy to help with advice and computer health checks at any time.

Andalucian Geeks are part of The Andalucian “family” based at Andalucian Auctions in Campillos.

We provide a whole host of services including:

Computer repairs: we will solve any problem your PC or laptop may have including removal of viruses, fitting of new parts, adding extra memory, upgrades etc.

Website design: we will design and host your website or blog for personal or for business use.

Online marketing: we will promote your business using social networks, blogs and email marketing.

Printing and graphic design: we will design and print your business cards and any other marketing materials you require.

Training Courses: we will train you on email set up, managing emails, uploading and storing photos, internet safety, protecting your computer, using social networks and Skype, using Microsoft office, internet banking or any subject you need.

Please email us or call Shaun 671305803 or Mike on 627683380 for information or advice.