Rent To Buy Spain


Rent To Buy Spain is a real estate agency focused solely on marketing and selling properties where a Rent to Buy option is a route to purchase or sell the property.

From their offices in Javea and Marbella they operate like a typical real estate agency. They offer all the support that clients expect such as valuation, listing, photography, marketing and advertising. In addition, they offer their clients a one-stop shop to take them through the Rent to Buy process. They have the support of a team of independent experts who can deal with the legal and financial aspects of creating and funding the Rent to Buy contract.

What is a Rent To Buy contract?

You may be asking “what is a Rent To Buy contract?”  In summary, it is a contractual arrangement where a property is rented for a specific time period, with the option to purchase the property for a pre-agreed price during that term. All the monies paid during the rental period are removed from the pre-agreed sales price at the time of purchase at notary. There are 4 key components: –

  • Initial up-front lump-sum / deposit
  • Monthly rental instalments amount
  • Sales/purchase price
  • Term within which to purchase the property

Rent to Buy contracts offer numerous advantages for both the buyer and the vendor. The main benefit for the buyer is that they are not wasting money on rent. The rent they pay comes off the agreed option to purchase price. It allows them to break out of the rental trap of not being able to save a mortgage deposit. The main benefit for the vendor is that they will receive immediate income from their property with a sale for a pre-agreed price within a set term.

The core aim of Rent To Buy Spain is to raise the profile of buying and selling properties with a Rent to Buy option. We offer a dedicated service to support buyers and sellers across Spain using this approach. Visit their website for further information, review listings and to contact the team www.renttobuyspain.com