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NEW Guides to Spanish Paperwork!

Saving you time and money!

If there is one thing you can be sure of in Spain is that
bureaucracy will always come up with more weird and wonderful ways
of wasting your time. This is never more true than when taking the
steps necessary to buy a property or car for example. To do either
of these steps you need a NIE number, a Spanish tax number.

There is a lot of information out there on the net about NIE
numbers and most of it is totally contradictory because the rules
keep changing.

Lisa Sadleir at CCBSpain has put together the current system into a
great little ebooklet that not only tells you the current method of
getting a NIE but has the advantage of being updated through a page
on her website as and when the vagaries of the bureaucracy change.
It also has links the forms needed for you to fill out and a guide
on how to fill in the forms so you can just be prepared when going
to the right place to present them. You can find it here.

Remember there is just one requirement for getting a Spanish
property which is the same for everyone, you need a NIE number.
Rather than wasting hours and possibly days looking for the correct
information get the guide here and print out the downloadable forms
that will be updated if they change.

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“ONLY €4.99!”


Meanwhile if you have any queries regarding Moving to Spain Lisa is
a treasure trove of information through her website
www.ccbspain.com You may want to take a look.