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Moving to/from Spain – What should I ask my Removals Provider?

If you are moving to sunny Spain, or are lucky enough to already live here and are looking to relocate to another Spanish city, then now might be the right time for you to think about hiring a removals provider who will be able to move your belongings for you. But, with a plethora of companies on the market offering to transfer your possessions from A to B, it can be tricky to tell a good provider from a bad one.

We spoke with the professionals at Three Movers, a long-established full-service company which specialises in relocations across the world, to find out the key questions that you should be asking any company before hiring them to handle your big move to Spain. Their stats are impressive/ They have served over 190 countries, one million deliveries and… an incredible 97% of their customers saying they would recommend them! Impressive figures – a company you can put your trust in!

Which areas do you cover?

Probably the first question you should ask any remover is whether they can actually relocate your belongings to and from your chosen destinations. Many relocations providers only cover certain areas, or only operate within their country of origin.

For instance, if you are looking for someone who deals with removals to Malaga, there is no point hiring a company that only works in and around Barcelona.  If you don’t establish the areas covered from the outset, you will only be wasting your time filling out price quotation forms, just to be let down shortly afterwards.

Will you handle the entire move from start to end?

If you are moving to Spain (removals to Spain) from a far-away, international location, this question will be of great importance. Many companies may only be able to ship your goods between ports, which can create a problem for you for the rest of the move. In these situations, it is better to find a provider who is able to handle the entire move from beginning to end.

Will my belongings be protected by an insurance policy?

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between a quality provider and a poor one, is whether they offer insurance protection. High-quality companies will insist upon insurance, both for your and their protection. The extent of this coverage does vary a lot between providers, so be sure to check the extent of your agreement before signing anything.

Some providers might only cover goods during transit, which means they won’t be protected when they are being unloaded at ports. Likewise, some only cover damage to goods, not extending to goods which are stolen or lost in transit.

What professional accreditations do you hold?

Holding the correct credentials is a good indicator of the type of service and professionalism you, the customer, can expect to receive, which is why it’s important to ask this question beforehand, to prevent any nasty surprises.

Key accreditations within the field include membership of the International Association of Movers (IAM), which has strict rules and regulations for members, as well as ensuring they meet specific legal and quality assurance standards. Likewise, holding the BS 8564 for excellence in international moves, and the ISO 9001, which relates to quality assurance standards, are both well-respected accreditations to have.

If any person or company you are thinking of hiring seems reluctant or refuses to show you any of their accreditations, this should raise an immediate red flag. Any great provider will be happy to show off their achievements. However, in reality, any person can pose as a removals expert and offer to move your belongings, which may put your things at risk and can invalidate any insurance claims you may have.

How do you calculate your costings?

When it comes to relocating your precious belongings, we recommended choosing quality over cost. Good removals do not exactly come cheap, but it is important to understand how your chosen company is calculating the overall cost. Any respectable company should be happy to outline these to you from the outset so that you fully understand everything.

Moreover, quality providers may also offer to help you lower your costs in certain ways. For example, they may suggest you use a part-load service, which will transport your belongings in a shared service with other people’s belongings. This is especially useful for those who only have a few smaller items to move, as it can be more cost-effective. The professionals at Three Movers will be delighted to explain more. Please note that if you are only looking to transport a vehicle, a bike, a boat or general freight you should also visit A1 Auto Transport

As a word of advice – always ask for price quotations and break downs from at least three relocation providers, which will give you an accurate measure from which base your decision. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a hassle-free and easy move to your new home in gorgeous Spain!