Cultural And Leisure Guide

The Ayuntamiento of Torrevieja have published 20,000 copies of a new “CULTURAL AND LEISURE GUIDE” for the spring months of April, May and June. Free copies are available from tourist offices and cultural venues. Below, you will find a list of a few of the items included in the programme over the next couple of months:-

TAPAS ROUTE: From 18th to 28th APRIL 2013


FRIDAY 12th April at 21.00h in the Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen:- Concert by the “Ars Aetheria Youth Orchestra”. Admission free with invitation.
SATURDAY 13th April at 22.00h in the ‘International Music Auditorium’:- “AZABACHE”, a commemoration of the musical of the same name which was an integral part of the ‘Expo ’92’ exhibition in Sevilla in 1992. Features well know stars such as Pastora Soler, Pasión Vega, Manuel Lombo and Diana Navarro. Tickets from 25 to 45€.
FRIDAY, SATURDAY 19th and 20th April in the ‘International Music Auditorium’:- 19th Annual Youth HABANERAS Competition. Competing choirs from all Spain.
THURSDAY 25th April at 18.00h in the Palacio de la Música:- Choral concert offered by local choir “Coro Sol y Sal”. Admission 2€.
SATURDAY 27th APRIL at 22.00h in the Teatro Municipal:- ANTHONY BLAKE (English sounding name but from Asturias, Spain- winner of the prestigious Dunninger Award for Excellence and Professionalism in 2003/4) is a mentalist, mid-reader and magician, well know on Spanish television and theatres and considered by some to be the best mentalist in the world! Those who do not fully understand the Spanish language may still be able to enjoy this unique stage show but DON’T COME ALONE – this is scary stuff!!!! Take a look at ‘Google’ and ‘You Tube’.
SATURDAY 27th April at 21.30h in the Palacio de la Musica:- ‘V Annual ‘Fandangos Competition’ (monetary prizes for winners). This is a national competition which attracts flamenco artists from all Spain and is recognised as being of ‘touristic interest’. Admission 5€.
SUNDAY 28th April at 17.00h and again at 19.30h:- “GREASE”, the musical presented by the students of the Romualdo Ballester Primary School. Admission 5€.
SUNDAY 28th April at 19.00h in the Palacio de la Música:- Choral concert by local choir “Coral Nuevo Amanacer” from La Mata. Admission 3€.
TUESDAY 30th April at 21.00h and again on Wednesday 1st May at 19.00h in the Teatro Municipal:- Annual ‘Coplas’ competition as part of the celebtrations of the Feria de Mayo. (finalsits will appear on the stage at the fairground during the Sevillanas Fair.
WEDNESDAY 1st May at 19.30h in the Palacio de la Música:- Choral concert offered by the “Uddevalla Kammarkör” (Chamber choir) from Sweden (photo below). Admission is completely free of charge.Invitation tickets can be collected from the ticket office of the venue as from two hours before the performance commences.


1. LOS ALJIBES EXHIBTION ROOMS and Parque de las Naciones lake:- From 9th march to 14th April:- “10th annual exhibition of models and radio controlled model boats”.
2. Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen until 24th April:- EXhibition of paintings by the students of IES Meditarraneo secondary school.


FERIA DE MAYO (Sevillanas Festival):- 25th Annual Feria de Mayo takes place from 8th to 12th May.

SUNDAY 5th MAY at in the Teatro Municipal:- “MARIACHIS SHOW” -typical Mexican style of music presented by ‘Mariachis’ and accompanied by Mexican Ballet. Admission 6€.
THURSDAY 9th MAY afrom 10.40h to 14.00h in the Plaza de la Constitución:- Celebration of “EUROPEAN DAY” includes music and dance from distinct European countries, a ‘civic act and raising of the EU flag and features ‘live’ “The EUROPEAN ALL STARS INTERNATIONAL JAZZ BAND”. All free – not to be missed!!!
SUNDAY 12th MAY at 19.00h in the Teatro Municipal:- The CZECH NATIONAL BALLET present “Swan Lake”. Ticket prices:- 20€ and 30€ depending upon seat row.
MONDAY 13th May at 20.00h in the Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen:- COASTRIDER MUSIC AWARDS. Admission 6€.
SATURDAY 18th May at 19.30h in the Palacio de la Música:- Choral concert offered by “CANTABILE SINGERS”. Admission fee. Donations to Age Concern.
SUNDAY 19th May at ??? in the Centro Cultural Virgen del Carmen:- Choral concert offered by two local choirs: “Coral José Hodar” (Spanish) and “Crescendo International Choir” (mixed nationalities who sing in English. During this unique concert both choirs will sing together in both English and Spanish.
SUNDAY 30th June at 12.00h in the Doña Sinforosa park:- The “Orbi Playa Big Band” from Canterbury, Kent, offer a mid-day concert in the bandstand of the park.
SATURDAY 6th July at 23.00h in the ‘Concert ground’ in Torrevieja (near to Aquopolis):- Spanish popular singer, MELENDI offers a concert to promote his latest album.