Lanzarote Jobs

First let me give you the bad news: Getting a job in Lanzarote from abroad is pretty much impossible. You really need to be on the island to get work.

Now for the good news: There is work available here! And plenty of it, if you’re flexible.

First, let’s talk about the type of work available to you. Obviously the tourism sector is the largest employer on the island, and they offer all the jobs you would expect, from chamber maids to hotel managers and from bar and restaurant staff to tour reps and managers. Additionally there is the whole supporting infrastructure, which might see you working as a boat hand on a pleasure vessel, a scuba diving instructor or even an entertainer in a hotel or bar.

What many people forget is that, as with any economy, there are all the “normal” jobs as well, administrative roles, managerial roles, insurance and banking jobs and so on. But for many of these Spanish language skills are essential. However, there are many businesses on the island owned by English speakers, who will be happy to employ you as well. British owned businesses here include the obvious bars and estate agents, but also printers, pool companies, building firms and even accountants.

So how do you go about getting a job? The answer is by working hard at it! Many, many job vacancies here are filled by word of mouth. There is a sophisticated grapevine here amongst business owners, probably because there aren’t job centres or employment agencies for the British community on the island. So the answer is to tap into that grapevine and tell everyone you meet that you’re looking for work – sooner or later your phone will ring and someone will be asking you to pop in and see them. If you’re looking for bar work for example, then call in to all the bars in your area and ask them if they have work available, if they don’t, be sure to leave them your contact details.

There are more conventional methods. Check the local magazines like The Gazette, have a look online at the key Lanzarote websites with forums like Lanzarote Information, and Discover Lanzarote and maybe target certain local companies and send them an email with your CV. Another common way of getting work here is to place an advertisement of your own on the websites, in the magazines or even on the many notice boards which are provided in public places like Deiland Shopping Centre, The English Cash and Carry, or in the larger petrol stations – it’s not very sophisticated, but it works!

Read the posts on Lanzarote Information about employment contracts information about being self employed or owning and running your own business on the island.

If you’re looking for work on the island, one way to do so is to join Club Lanza Info – a private member’s club. In there you can visit the forum to offer your services, or you can post as many adverts as you like in their classifieds section. Find out more about Club Lanza Info here: Club Lanza Info

There is a Canarian employment service, but only contact them if you can speak Spanish Servicio Canario de Empleo