Alicante: easy to go, to enjoy and come back full of positive energy

Alicante is one of the fastest growing provinces in Spain. Alicante city, is already considered to be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Comunidad Valenciana. Frequent and affordable flights from London and many other cities in the UK and all over Europe make it an easily accessible tourist attraction. Alicante has a unique combination of a modern metropolis, seaside and laidback countryside.

High number of visitors and affordable accomodation

Due to its high number of visitors, affordable accommodations for those looking to make this a holiday gateway are plentiful. Flights to Alicante are affordable as well. Trips to and from the UK are on the rise and due to the easy, affordable flights and accommodations, even weekend holidays are considered. This dazzling province is one of the most affordable and hassle-free getaways for those wanting to renew their spirit, even for a few days at a time.

Alicante Airport

The Alicante airport (El Altet) is located in the Southern province of Elche. However, due to the well planned transportation getting to other towns from Elche and Alicante is simple. Alicante has a new purpose-built bus station and an AVE train station. Great transportation also creates a comfortable way to visit towns such as Torrevieja and Villajoyosa. Surrounded by impressive salt lakes, Torrevieja is a fishing town in which you will find the most exquisite fish cuisines. If you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, then taking a stroll in the morning to the fish auction would be for you. Villajoiosa, on the other hand, is known as The City of Chocolate and with good reasons! In this town, you will find some of the richest and tastiest chocolates, and will have the opportunity to visit three different chocolate factories.

The consistent and serene Mediterranean weather makes this an ideal destination to visit. There is nothing quite like warm days and crisp summer nights. The average temperature in the wintertime is about 15° C. Great attention is given to the authentic food in Alicante, and you will find their cuisine is not only superb, but healthy as well.

Alicante Holiday Rentals

Holiday rentals are plentiful and available all year round. Alicante has a little bit of everything for you to enjoy. You will find miles and miles of clean beaches, rolling countryside, and quaint towns with a homelike feeling and of course, an active and buzzing nightlife in Alicante. Coming to Alicante you can be sure that you will come away with a new sense of self. This is a destination, which will charm you, bring out your inner joy and will leave you feeling fresh, full of energy. If you happen to fall in love with Alicante Ciudad, the city, as many have done and decide to make Alicante a permanent destination, there are many affordable repossessed houses on sale for homebuyers.