Fuengirola has been my home since 2002; at first somewhere to come home to from far away and for the last 3 years my real home.

Here’s why I say ‘Creemos en Fuengirola’

Real Spain?

Fuengirola (unlike some of its neighbours) is still very much a Spanish Town. The majority of visitors during the summer are Spanish as are the vast majority of residents; other nationalities are more in evidence in the off-season enjoying our vista and lifestyle.

Tapas Treats

The standard of restaurants and bars has improved every year this century. The great Spanish Tapa bar has been endlessly improved as owners have fought each other to provide the very best available, including some offering local wines too. The restaurant scene in Fuengirola provides perfect proof of how competition is in the interest of the consumer.

End of the line?

Transport connections are excellent, primarily because Fuengirola is the “end of the line” (in train terms only) for the connection to Malaga. In 30 minutes you can get to the Airport, 40 take you into the centre of the City with its beautiful centre and the onward transportation to the rest of Spain including the superfast Eurostar.


Oh the beaches… from Torreblanca to the Castle, Fuengirola offers lots of places to soak up the rays (with lots of slip, slap, slop suntan cream of course!) and long summer days. The beach is some 8km (approx 5 miles); enough to find you own spot, yet too far to promenade.


The locals seem to love exercise in fact I do wonder if it’s a national pastime!

Fuengirola is full of lots of places to exercise, whether outdoor machines in parks and on the beach, or at the numerous studios and gyms where everything from traditional weights to zumba, aerial dance, or S.U.P. (the latest craze) on the beach.

Time to Party

Did I mention the party atmosphere? We have more than our fair share of Ferias, Festivos and Fiestas. Three annual ferias bring millions of visitors to Fuengirola’s amazing Feria Ground. It starts at the end of April’s with the
International Feria, then the Los Boliches Feria in honour of the Virgin del Carmen and the biggest of them all, the town Fair from 6-12 October.


Whether you build a network with your local Spanish neighbours or venture out to the international communities, there are always lots of meet ups available. The Town Hall works hard to integrate the community with regular events at the Casa de Cultura offering language learning as well as summer concerts, cinema on the beach and markets. In the Town, there are also events organised by U3A Costa del Sol, Costa del Sol Fine Arts Society and Lux Mundi. For the Women, Costa Women (a free social and business networking group for Women) also offer an intercambio (where half the evening is spent talking English and the other half Spanish), coffee mornings, or evening presentations.

Manifesto 2013_use
Creemos en Fuengirola – we believe in Fuengirola – You too?

Ali Meehan is Founder of Costa Women, a free social and business networking group for Women living in Spain. Register at, find the group on facebook/costawomen and Twitter